International Day of Peace

The Significance of the International Day of Peace

The Significance of the International Day of Peace

Did you know that September 21st is the International Day of Peace? It’s a United Nations celebration that was created by a UN resolution in 1981. The purpose of the day is to have all people around the globe come together and commit to working towards peace.

The day advocates for unity and encourages everyone to work to create a culture of peace. This year the theme of the International Day of Peace, sometimes known just as Peace Day, is climate change. Peace Day celebrations this year will focus on how combating climate change is a way to promote peace.

In the spirit of the day, today we’re going to talk about plumbing systems, water usage and ways that you can help celebrate Peace Day this year.

What Plumbing Technology Means for Our Daily Routines

plumbingtechnologyAs we pause this September to commit to and reflect upon a culture of peace, it’s hard not to appreciate the quality of life that we have. We live in peaceful communities where all of our basic needs are consistently met.

While we don’t think about it much, our plumbing systems make this quality of life possible.

From our cooking to hygiene to even laundry, our current quality of life is made possible by plumbing technology. It’s easy to take access to clean water and hot water for granted, but it’s something that plays a part in almost every aspect of our daily life.

Concerns About Water Droughts

waterdroughtsWith rising temperatures and a changing climate, we can expect to have more droughts. These will come more often and be more extreme. These coupled with other natural water disasters could have an impact on all of our communities.

Knowing these risks, it’s important to conserve water as much as possible. Take steps to ensure that your home is efficiently using water - for example, make sure that there are no leaking pipes, that you have high-efficiency appliances, and that your family is conscious of water use.

Additionally, consider using rain barrels to collect water for use in your yard. By taking some small steps to conserve water, we can all work to ensure that we have adequate water access and that we protect this important natural resource.

Seeking World Peace

worldpeaceThe International Day of Peace is all about coming together for the common good and globally seeking a more peaceful world. And this year, that unity is specifically focused on climate change and how we can combat it.

Our reliance on plumbing technology and water is just one of the many ways that our lives are dependent on natural resources. If we want to continue to live with the comfort, safety, and health that we currently enjoy, it’s important that we work to protect the planet.

Let’s all make some small changes and work together to help protect the environment. The more we can work together, the more successful our efforts will be. We take so much for granted in our daily routines, and we often forget how dependent we are on natural resources.

Everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe is reliant on a clean planet. Given the importance of protecting the planet, let’s all celebrate Peace Day this year and work together to help combat climate change.