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There’s nothing quite as alarming as seeing something go wrong under the foundation of your house. Below foundation repairs are difficult and need to be taken care of by professionals. When dealing with the foundation it’s important to tread lightly and carefully, as a wrong move can damage the total structure of your home. At A&A Plumbing, our San Antonio plumbers are experienced and trained in dealing with below foundation repairs. We are so confident that we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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How to Spot a Below Foundation Leak

Over time the foundation of your home will develop cracks. As the ground around your home settles the house shifts, small cracks appear. For the most part these cracks are harmless, but if there is standing water near the cracks, a leak can develop. This is where the problem comes from.

Below foundation leaks can also happen from using chemical drain cleaners that eat away at your pipes over time or if an aggressive root system takes hold, damaging pipes.

If you notice mold or water damage coming from your basement walls or floor, you could have a below foundation leak.

Cutting vs. Tunnelling

When it comes to repairing a below foundation leak, there are two main methods that the experts trust.

  • Cutting: By cutting into the foundation, contractors can easily access the leak to get the repair finished quickly and efficiently. The downside of this method is that it’s quite messy and has the potential to compromise the structure of your home, especially if large portions of the flooring and concrete need to be removed. There is also a chance that your family will need to move out of the house during the repairs.
  • Tunnelling: This method is gaining popularity as it is typically easier for the homeowner and depending on how severe the leak is, it can sometimes be cheaper than cutting. Tunnelling involves using a machine to bore away a tunnel with a diameter big enough to repair the problem areas. There is no disruption to the residents of the home and afterwards the tunnel can either be filled in or left to settle naturally.

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Both tunnelling and cutting have their own upsides and downsides. At A&A Plumbing we assess each situation individually and recommend services based on what we see. We will never suggest anything that doesn’t make sense your particular situation.

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