San Antonio Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Sewer Line Repair Replacement Services San Antonio, TX

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When your sewer lines are acting up, your first reaction may be to throw up your hands in frustration. Let A&A Plumbing ease your stress. Call our trusted San Antonio plumbing team today to get started with your sewer line repair project.

Main Causes for Sewer Line Problems

As your home settles, the pipes and foundation can shift. This, as well as general wear and tear on the pipes from use, are one of the main causes for sewer line problems. With regular inspection and maintenance, you should be able to get many great years out of your sewer lines with little to no reason for repairs.

However with that being said, there are also many outside factors that a homeowner can have little to no control over that can damage sewer lines. Tree roots for one have been known to take hold and grow through sewer pipes, completely blocking them and requiring repairs. If you think a tree root has damaged your sewer line, call A&A Plumbing right away to prevent further damage!

Another unforeseeable damage can be caused by extreme weather, extreme heat or cold can cause your house to shift suddenly, causing issues with the sewer line.

When to Call a Professional

Any time you feel there is an issue with your sewer line, calling a professional is the easiest and most cost-effective solution. Catching the issue before it does any more damage is a key factor in saving you money and stress later on.

If you hear a gurgling sound coming from your pipes or if you notice black debris or tree branches being regurgitated, it almost always means there is a blockage and your next step should be calling a professional.

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Our technicians are expertly trained in dealing with sewer line blockages and will often recommend hydrojetting to get the job done. If the damage is too far gone, a complete replacement of the pipes may be required, which is also no problem for our professional team.

Whether it’s fixing a blockage or completely replacing the line, A&A Plumbing’s team of experts is on call. Call 210-566-2665 today for a quote in the San Antonio, TX area.