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Do suspect a water leak in your home? Let A&A Plumbing in San Antonio confirm or deny your suspicions. A leak can form inconspicuously and cause much damage without giving away any symptoms, so if you think you detect a leak, call the professionals right away to get the repair done without risking further damage.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

While the root causes of a water leak can be any number of factors, there are a few common factors that can come into play for a leak to develop:

  • Frequent clogs: When your drains or toilet becomes clogged, there is a higher chance of developing a leak. This is especially the case if your main solution for clogs is using chemical drain cleaners. The chemicals in the drain cleaner can weaken your pipes, causing thin patches and soft spots that can eventually lead to a leak.
  • Old, rusting pipes: As your home ages, it begins to settle and will eventually begin to shift. As this shifting occurs and the pipes in your home age, you have a higher chance of developing leaks.
  • When a root system takes hold: All professionals will recommend to never plant trees or shrubs near a piping system, as it’s common for the roots to take hold in the ground damage the pipes. This can cause an extremely difficult to repair leak.

How We Do It

We use many methods to detect leaks in your home. These are the most common ways we find them:

  • Dig and drill: Probably the most invasive method we use, by digging and drilling into your floor, ground or walls, we can locate the leak quickly to get it fixed ASAP.
  • Meter detection: With a general idea of what the water pressure in your pipes should be, we use a device to check the water pressure in certain areas to determine where the leak may be coming from.
  • Camera Inspection: Using cameras, we are able to photograph different pipes at different angles to detect the location of the leak.

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Aftercare and Prevention

Preventing a leak is definitely easier than getting one repaired. By staying on top of the plumbing in your home, you can make note of potential problem areas and keep the chances of developing a leak low. By insulating the pipes and getting even the smallest leaks repaired before they become a problem, you can maintain your pipes and prevent unexpected leaks.

Let our licensed and insured San Antonio, TX plumbers help you detect potential leaks in your home. Call A&A Plumbing today at 210-566-2665 for a quote!