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Were you caught off-guard by a plumbing problem? Call A&A Plumbing today at 210-566-2665 for emergency plumbing repair, installation, or maintenance.

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Why We’re the Go-To Residential Plumber in South Texas

A quick Google search reveals many options when you need a dependable plumber. However, not all of them are created equal. Our technicians are licensed and insured, so you know you’re getting help from trusted experts who are masters of their craft. We offer a complete list of plumbing services, including:

When you call the experts at A&A Plumbing, you can rest assured that you are receiving the top plumbing service in the area. Our team is fast, friendly and reliable, especially in emergency plumbing situations.

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Plumbing Maintenance and Installation

Let A&A Plumbing assist with your next maintenance call and installation. With clear and fair pricing, we take the stress out of home improvements, and our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! One of the most common reasons for broken plumbing is a lack of maintenance and improper installation. Let us catch the problem areas before they become an emergency. We service all aspects of home plumbing, such as:

  • Hydrojetting
  • Boiler installation
  • Repiping
  • Garbage disposals
  • Sump pump installation
  • Water treatment services
  • And more!

Call our top-rated experts to improve your home and upgrade old or malfunctioning fixtures. We offer tub and toilet installation, fixtures, faucet, and sink installations.

What Happens During a Plumbing Inspection?

Getting a routine plumbing inspection can save money by detecting and fixing problems before they get out of hand. Here’s what we do during a typical home plumbing inspection.

Visual Assessment

Our technician will visually inspect your plumbing system for signs of damage, leaks, corrosion, and wear and tear.

Water Pressure Test

We assess your home’s water pressure to ensure it falls within the acceptable range. Low water pressure could indicate a clog or break in a water line.

Drainage Evaluation

Next, we inspect the drainage system to ensure the wastewater flows freely and there are no clogs or cracks in the line.

Water Heater Inspection

It’s common for sediment to build up in a water heater, which can cause it to fail. We’ll check the system for sediment and check the pressure relief valve.

Leak Testing

Unseen leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars. Our plumber will check your entire system for unseen leaks, whether in the walls or underground.

If you’re in South Texas and need a dependable plumber, call the experts at A&A Plumbing at 210-566-2665.

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Top 4 Most Common Home Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems can be a real pain in the you-know-what, but some arise more than others, and here are the top four.

Clogged Drains

You use your drains every day, so it’s no surprise that hair, grease, food debris, and dirt get in and cause problems.

Clogged Toilets

Too many people treat their toilet like a garbage can, flushing things like napkins, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and baby wipes that should go into the trash. The result is a clogged or overflowing toilet.

Leaky Faucets

Walk into any home in America, and you’ll probably find one faucet that won’t stop dripping no matter what. Leaky faucets are a nuisance, and they waste hundreds of gallons of water yearly, costing you more money.

Water Heater Issues

Your water heater works day and night to provide on-demand hot water. Constant use, hard water, and lack of maintenance can cause these systems to fail prematurely.

If you have these or another plumbing issue, trust the pros at A&A Plumbing.

Trusted Commercial Plumbing in San Antonio

When contractors need a plumbing expert for their next project, they call A&A Plumbing in Bexar County because our technicians are professional, efficient, licensed, insured, and committed to doing the job right the first time.

There’s no job too big or small for our expert plumbers. You can trust us for all of your commercial plumbing needs, such as:

  • Industrial Water Heater Installation & Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Clogged Toilet Repair
  • Sewer Line Services
  • Main Water Line Installation

Trusted Plumbing Repair & Troubleshooting in Bexar County

Plumbing systems are complex, and most problems beyond a dripping faucet are best handled by a professional, and here’s why.

It Saves Time

Repairing and troubleshooting plumbing problems takes skill and experience. Professional plumbers have specific training and knowledge to find and fix plumbing problems faster than an amateur, saving you time and aggravation.

It’s Safer

Even if you consider yourself handy around the house, one mistake could spell disaster. It doesn’t take a significant leak to flood your bathroom or basement or bring on a mold infestation. Professional plumbers know how to avoid common pitfalls and deal with problems as they come up with safer repairs.

It’s Cheaper

Most people perform DIY repairs to save money, thinking hiring a plumber is too expensive. However, when you factor in your time, tools, and back-and-forth trips to the store, you’ll typically find hiring a pro is cheaper in the long run.

Call our expert plumbers the next time you need fast, effective, and safe plumbing repairs.

Local Reviews

A & A Plumbing Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 622 customer reviews

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Great Service! Professionalism was beyond great!

Review of A & A Plumbing

Universal CityTX78148 29.5525-98.3075

Map of Selma, TX 78154

Amazing service

Review of A & A Plumbing

Dale and Jordan were absolutely wonderful. He took the time to explain what was wrong and what he was doing to fix it. They were extremely professional and kind.

SelmaTX78154 29.585-98.3325

Map of Schertz, TX 78154

Excellent service

Review of A & A Plumbing

Glad Kyle and assistant Andrew of A&A plumbing took care of plumbing problem. Kyle gave us good options on replacement accessories. They were quick, very efficient, and professional. All good. Shout out to Tracy for setting up same day appointment.

SchertzTX78154 29.5625-98.275

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Review of A & A Plumbing

San AntonioTX78244 29.4675-98.345

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Great customer service, Great Techs!

Review of A & A Plumbing

Had an issue with my water heater. Called that next morning and they had a tech show up in less than an hour.. Ask for Kyle Hunt!! He diagnosed problem, did some research and found I still had warranty! Kyle and his friendly assistant came prepared, worked diligently and had us back up and running in no time. He was friendly and professional, and that goes for the receptionist expediting the call as well Highly recommend this company!

San AntonioTX78233 29.57-98.36

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Great service!!!

Review of A & A Plumbing

Very quick and I was informed throughout the procedure.

San AntonioTX78259 29.64-98.425

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Pluming inspection rule out leak to drainage

Review of A & A Plumbing

GREAT JOB. Recommend them for a any pluming issues!

San AntonioTX78258 29.6475-98.4675

Kyle H.

Kyle H.

Second opinion.

Near Iron Stone Ct, San Antonio, TX 78230
David S.

David S.


Near Universal City Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148
David S.

David S.

Drain cleaning

Near Universal City Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148
Dale M.

Dale M.

Multiple repairs

Near Ridge Trace, San Antonio, TX 78258
Dale M.

Dale M.

Non working water heater

Near Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212
Dale M.

Dale M.

Backed up laundry drain

Near Grassmarket, San Antonio, TX 78259
Dale M.

Dale M.

Busted water line for hose bib

Near Derby Vista, Selma, TX 78154

So the next time you have a leaky pipe, or a finicky water heater, leave it up to the professionals at A&A Plumbing. Let our fast, efficient and professional service guide you through any plumbing project on your to-do list. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment at 210-566-2665.