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As a homeowner, you should never have to stress about the water in your home being unsafe to use for washing or drinking. However, there are several outside factors that can lead to feeling wary of your water. When you call A&A Plumbing to install a new water softener or water filtration system, you can expect red carpet service. Our techs will expertly install your water treatment device and leave your property without creating a mess.

How Do Water Softeners Work & What Are the Benefits?

A water softener works to remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium from your water. These minerals can cause numerous problems around your house such as giving the water a funny taste or smell, causing build up or scale on your fixtures, making it difficult for soap to lather properly and causing yellow or orange stains on clothing coming out of the wash.

Standard water softeners use a separate tank filled with water and salts to create a brine solution which neutralizes the minerals in the water that enters your home. Most homes that have ground wells will require water softeners to fix the issues that hard water brings.

Why Invest in a Water Filtration System?

Water can contain numerous minerals, toxins and impurities that are simply unsafe. A water filtration system filters and purifies the water so that it is safe for consumption. There are several methods of water filtration. At A&A Plumbing we recommend and install a range of systems to suit your water filtration needs and budget.

The benefits of having a water filtration system installed in your home speak for themselves. Having clean water that is safe to drink and bathe in will provide you with the peace of mind you need that you and your loved ones are kept safe. Plus, you'll save money from not having to purchase bottled water or filtered water at the grocery store.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are many types of water filtration systems, including whole-home and point-of-use. Within those two categories are several types of water filtration devices. The main types we install for our customers include:

  • Carbon filters: Using multiple layers of active carbon, these devices filter impurities and toxins as the water passes through the layers before it gets a chance to enter your home.
  • Reverse osmosis: This method purifies the water by pumping it through a membrane that traps impurities and toxins before being pumped back into your home.
  • Water softeners: Technically still a water filtration system, a water softener does not screen for impurities, but it does use salt to neutralize potentially harmful minerals in water.

Protect Your Biggest Investments by Fixing the Water that 'Breaks Them'!

Living in San Antonio and surrounding areas, you have some of the hardest water in the United States. Water quality can create multiple issues with your plumbing. Luckily, A & A Plumbing has the solution.

After researching the market and using other brands, we chose to carry NOVO.

Standard features:

  • Backlit LCD screen with rotating info display
  • NSF Certified control valve & pressure tank
  • Condensation tank jacket (twin tank model)
  • Salt grid prevents salt bridging (twin tank )
  • Two-piece cabinet for easy salt tank cleanout
  • Uses less than $2.00 in electricity per year
  • Seven Year system warranty; Lifetime on pressure tank

Visit www.novowater for complete product specifications.

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