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The pipes in your home carry all the water needed to shower, wash dishes, do laundry and more. As a homeowner, maintaining your pipes should be your top priority to avoid costly and unexpected situations. A&A Plumbing is your local San Antonio repiping company committed to ensuring the long-term reliability of your plumbing lines.

Signs You may Have a Damaged Pipe

Whether your pipes are old or you’ve experienced damage to them, there are several symptoms that can mean you have something going on with your pipes. If you experience any of these symptoms call A&A Plumbing right away for a quote!

  • A higher water bill than usual
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Funny smell in the water
  • Strange color in your water

If you notice any of these signs, call A&A Plumbing right away. If caught in time, you can prevent further damage to your pipes.

Should You Repair or Repipe?

While there are some instances where a simple repair works on a pipe, complete repiping jobs are gaining popularity with homeowners. As the piping system in your home settles and ages, tiny leaks can spring up. These tiny leaks can number in the hundreds, so in those kinds of cases, a total repiping is the best option.

While the idea of completely repiping your home can seem daunting, the fact is, newer piping systems are built to last better and anticipate future repairs.

What Type of Pipe Works Best

In the plumbing world, there are two standards in piping: Copper and PEX, both offer great advantages such as not eroding and preventing a metallic taste from entering your water. They are both fairly different for one another, so when considering a repiping job, think first about what kind of pipe would work best for you.

Copper piping is a bit more sturdy than PEX, it will also last longer. The joints and corners will be strong and will not sag, however the upfront cost of installing it is higher.

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With PEX, the upfront cost is less. The pipe is flexible, which makes it less susceptible to freezing or bursting in the winter. The pipe itself is more resistant to acidic substances, but the pipes cannot be left exposed because they are damaged by UV light.

As you can see, both copper and PEX come with their fair share of pros and cons. For more information and help deciding which pipe is best for you, call 210-566-2665 to speak with your local San Antonio, TX experts at A&A Plumbing.