San Antonio Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation San Antonio, TX

Most homeowners use their garbage disposals on a daily basis. It’s a part of after-meal cleanups and a great way to save time and effort when doing the dishes. Since garbage disposals are often used, they have many chances to break or become worn out. Let A&A Plumbing take out some of the irritating guesswork that comes with working on a garbage disposal. We will assess and repair damaged equipment or provide replacement services for those that are beyond repair.

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Common Garbage Disposal Problems

It’s easy to become reckless with a garbage disposal. As an appliance that makes our lives easier, when it breaks we are often reminded just how much we rely on it. Most garbage disposal problems can be sorted into three categories.

  • Jamming or Clogged: For the most part, a garbage disposal is only equipped to handle softer organic waste. If bones or other hard foods get stuck in the disposal, it could cause it to jam and not work properly. By running hot water through the disposal, you may be able to clear the clog yourself. However you run the risk of damaging the motor or blades.
  • Leaking: This problem is common as it can occur whenever there are loose screws or gaskets. If your garbage disposal is leaking, there is no way to fix it without taking it apart and looking inside, so calling a professional right from the start is the best idea.
  • Loss of Power: If your garbage disposal does not turn on, even when it’s connected to a power source and seems to be in good condition, calling a professional is your best bet.

At A&A Plumbing, our techs are experts with garbage disposals and can diagnose and repair your problem with ease.

Repair or Replace?

As is so often with the plumbing world, the question often becomes is it better to repair something or replace it. With garbage disposals you can trust the technicians at A&A Plumbing to tell you candidly and honestly whether or not your disposal should see another day.

We pride ourselves in our honest and accurate approach to repairs and will never upsell you anything you do not need.

Maintenance Tips

There several easy things you can do to ensure your garbage disposal lasts a long time and will not fail you when you need it the most:

  • Run hot water down the drain after using it
  • Only put softer, organic, compostable waste in the garbage disposal
  • Keep your hands and fingers out of the disposal

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If you find your garbage disposal acting strangely, the best course of action is to call the professionals at A&A Plumbing in San Antonio, TX. We provide honest, upfront pricing. Contact us now at 210-566-2665 to discuss your options.