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Few plumbing emergencies can incite as much panic as a clogged toilet. Since the toilet is one of the most frequently used plumbing appliances in your home, when it’s not working properly it can lead to massive frustration.

Fortunately, you have local San Antonio plumbers ready to help you solve any unexpected problems. At A&A Plumbing, our expert technicians provide fast service to assist you with any problem you may have. From simple clogs to dealing with foreign objects in the toilet, our technicians have seen it all and are equipped to deal with any issue.

Different Types of Clogs

There are two main types of clogs that typically occur in a toilet. Both are similar in the sense they are blockages in the pipes that cause the toilet to not flush properly, however they are met by plumbers differently.

  • Simple clogs: This type of clog is typically a buildup of some sort. Whether it’s flushing an excess amount of toilet paper, or flushing something like a diaper or large paper towels, anything that is not water-soluble runs the risk of clogging your toilet.
  • Foreign Objects: Young children are the main culprits for this kind of clog. Since they don’t yet possess the common sense to now that flushing a doll down the toilet can cause a clog.

So be it a simple clog of foreign object clog, when our technicians arrive at your home, they are prepared for everything.

What to do if I Have a Clog?

If you notice your toilet bowl flooding when you flush, or not flushing at all, you may have a clog. After calling A&A Plumbing, a member of our team will be dispatched to your house, prepared for any kind of clog they might find. After fixing the clog, the technician will let you know what caused the clog and also some simple tasks you can do to prevent them in the future.

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Tips for Preventing Clogs

Some clogs are unavoidable, but there are many things you can do to limit the amount of clogs you experience:

  • Make sure your toilets are inspected and well maintained regularly to ensure they are running properly
  • Put a trash can in the bathroom to discourage flushing large, non-soluble items
  • Use a single-ply toilet paper, or try to use less paper when possible
  • Install child-proof locks if you have kids to prevent toys from entering the bowl
  • For larger items, flush twice

By following these tips you can keep the amount of clogs you experience to a minimum. You can rest assured that A&A Plumbing is on call for you. Give us a call at 210-566-2665 for immediate service in San Antonio, TX.