Don't Know if You Should Remodel Your Bathroom? The Answer is Yes!

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel may be long overdue. You may have been putting the project off for quite some time. It’s time to get to that remodel, and take that very next step. Here are ten reasons to get started on that bathroom remodeling project today.

 San Antonio, TX bathroom remodeling1. The design no longer works for your home.

At one point, the bathroom’s design made sense for the home. Over the years, you realize that you have started to outgrow the bathroom. You want to update the entire home’s look and want to start by refreshing the bathroom. You’ve decided that a more modern and current look is the most ideal for the property.

Simply start off by mapping out the full design concept and how that would work with your bathroom makeover.

2. Your sense of environmental awareness has evolved, and you want to do your part.

You are really starting to embrace a greener lifestyle. Now that you understand what you can do on the individual level to promote greener living, you’re ready to do a complete overhaul on your bathroom. Low-flush toilets, eco-friendly lighting, and low-flow faucets can be incorporated into this design. You even have the option of adding hardwood flooring made from recyclable materials.

3. You’re planning to do more entertaining.

In the past, you didn’t have to worry much about the spare bathroom. Now that you’ve decided to do more entertaining, you will have to perform some much-needed upgrades to make it more convenient and functional for your guests. You are choosing to go all out on the design, so that your guests feel completely at home during their visit. A warm, inviting bathroom can greatly contribute to your guest’s experience.

4. You know that your bathroom is starting to show signs of aging.

You have noticed that your bathroom is starting to show signs of aging. The flooring may have started to appear a little dull. The paint may be starting to chip in certain areas, and the walls may need to be repainted. Your fixtures may need to be removed and replaced.

5. You’ve always wanted a jacuzzi, and now you have the chance to get one.

You have decided to create a luxurious bathroom design for your household. You’re investing in heated flooring. You’re adding wall heating units to the space. Granite or stone tiling for the floor may be worth looking at. Now you have the chance to purchase that jacuzzi you’ve always wanted.

6. You’re planning to expand your family size and want to get the remodel out of the way.

Your family may have been able to get by with one mid-size bathroom. Now you’re going to have to expand both bathrooms to meet growing family requirements. This means changing the layout and expanding the counter space available. You’re going to create more cabinet space as well in your San Antonio home.

 San Antonio, TX bathroom remodeling 27. You don’t have to spend a lot to get it done right.

You can get the bathroom remodeling done within your budget. You can handle the painting on your own. You can even rip up the flooring and have the professionals replace it for you. You can invest in expensive flooring and materials, now that you are saving in labor by doing the lower level work.

8. You can save on the remodel and recoup your investment in several ways.

You can start the remodel with identified savings. You can apply the various tax deductions to pay yourself back for the costly investment. There are several deductions available exclusively for those planning to do some remodeling in their bathroom by year’s end. A tax credit for 30 percent of the amount invested in the remodel is available to you.

9. Your home will be ready to show once it’s finally time to sell.

You suspect that your job will require that you relocate soon. Now it’s time to tackle the renovations that you believe will pay off once it’s time to sell.

You won’t have the added stress of having to get all of the remodeling done once the promotion or relocation opportunity presents itself. A part of being prepared for that upcoming relocation is having the involved home improvement projects completely out of the way.

10. You want to start upgrading the home little by little.

You don’t have time to do a huge home makeover immediately, so a smaller remodeling project is much easier for you to begin. You have always wanted to complete a major remodel of your San Antonio home. Starting off small is much more manageable than taking on a complete remodel all at once.

You can remodel your bathroom on your own terms. There is never a better time to get your remodeling project under way. Don’t be intimidated by the size and the scope of the project at hand, and get started on that dream bathroom that you’ve always wanted.

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