Are You Positive That Your Water is Pure?

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Many people are concerned about their San Antonio home's drinking water for different reasons. Some may be concerned about how it looks, tastes or smells. Others may be concerned about what particulates are in their drinking water and how those particulates may be making them and their loved ones sick.

Many who are concerned about the state of their drinking water will take a closer look at what water filter installation services have to offer. There are a number of fabulous benefits that you can enjoy when you move forward with the installation of a new water filtration or treatment system. Some of these benefits include:

Clean and Pure

San Antonio, TX water-filter-installation-21. A filtration system can help your water to be more clean and pure, and the reality is that water smells and tastes better when it is clean.

Everything from chlorine to bacteria may currently be in your home's drinking water, and these elements could be causing your water to look, smell and taste funny.

A water test from a filtration expert may provide you with more insight about what is actually in your home's tap water and which type of filtration system may be most effective at improving the look, smell and taste of the water. Then, you can install the right system for your needs for the best overall results.

Harmful Elements

2. Another harmful element that may be found in some home tap water supplies is lead, which can lead to birth defects, some types of cancer and other serious health effects.

Lead found in drinking water has been a source of concern for many in some areas of the country, and you may be surprised to learn that there are trace amounts or more of lead in your drinking water. A water test will provide you with evidence of this. Some water filtration systems are effective at removing lead from drinking water, and this can have a truly positive impact on your health.

Save Money and Invest

3. You may not think that investing in a water filtration installation service would save you money, but the reality is that it very well could. Consider, for example, that this is more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water for all of your cooking and drinking needs. In addition, it is more cost-effective than paying for expensive medical bills associated with illness caused by drinking unhealthy drinking water.

Common Elements in Your Water

4. A common element that is found in home drinking water is chlorine, and chlorine byproducts are also common. Chlorine exposure has been linked to colon cancer, bladder cancer and rectal cancer. You may not realize it, but some water filtration systems will remove chlorine and its byproducts from the drinking water that you consume, and this can have a dramatic and beneficial impact on your health.

pH Balance 101

5. Water filtration systems are known for removing particulates from the water, but you may not be aware that they can improve the pH balance of your water as well.

Some water that comes from the tap may be more basic or acidic than what is healthy for your body to consume, and some filtration systems have a block of carbon in the filter that can restore the pH balance of water to a healthy, normal level for you. This carbon filter also can improve the taste and smell of water by removing some particulates.

Healthy Lifestyle

6. Your body needs clean, fresh water for its health and well-being, and you may discover that your immune system is bolstered when you consume filtered water. This will help you to enjoy the extra powerful response your immune system needs to fight off other pathogens that it is exposed to on a daily basis. Ultimately, this can help your body to be stronger and healthier.

The Use of Tap Water

San Antonio, TX water-filter-installation7. If you are like most people, you use tap water for drinking as well as for cooking, and it may be used in a wide range of dishes that you prepare. With this in mind, using fresh, clean, filtered water will keep pathogens and other elements out of the foods that you consume regularly, and this can add to the health benefits associated with having clean drinking water at home.

Possible Bacteria in Your Tap Water

8. In home tap water, you may find bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium, which are known to cause gastrointestinal illness in children and adults. These and other bacteria can be filtered out of your drinking water with the right filtration system.

In fact, the right filtration system can reduce your chance of getting a gastrointestinal illness through drinking water by as much as 33 percent.

Keep Your Children Safe

9. Keeping your children safe and healthy is a top concern, and you should be aware that their little, developing bodies are particularly sensitive to exposure to lead, chlorine, bacteria and other elements found in home drinking water.

When you want to keep your children as healthy as possible, it is important that you supply them with fresh, clean, healthy drinking water.

Drinking Water Supplies

10. In some San Antonio homes drinking water supplies, there may be as many as 2,100 different toxins that you could be exposed to. A water filtration system is the last point of contact that you may have with the water before it reaches you and is consumed by you.

With this in mind, you want to ensure that the filtration system that you invest in offers the best defense against the toxins that is possible.

Investing in a new water filter system may provide you with some or all of these benefits, depending on the type of system that you install.

If you are interested in water filter installation service, now is a great time to contact us for assistance with your San Antonio, TX home water filtration needs.

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