If You're Buying a New Home, Get a Plumbing Inspection First

If You're Buying a New Home, Get a Plumbing Inspection First

You have found the home of your dreams and are about ready to sign on the dotted line. It is an exciting time, but before the thrill of home ownership overwhelms you, there are steps you need to take to ensure that problems will not arise in the future.

You need to pause for a moment and realize that an inspection of the plumbing system may be necessary before making this final commitment to a particular property.

home-for-saleYour local plumbing company will have a checklist in place to inspect all aspects of the system in this particular house.

The areas that should be checked include the main sewer line, water heaters, toilets, faucets, drains, showers, shut-off valves, the water pressure, and the size of the piping.

These experts should also be looking for evidence of discolored water or lead in the pipes.

Do the walk-thru with the personnel, so the next time you are faced with this type of situation, you will know exactly what needs to be done. It will also assist you in locating and identifying problems in the future.

A quality plumbing inspection by a reputable local company will:

Reduce Expenses

An inspection can save a new homeowner much expense down the line. If you purchase the home, and a year or two later start to experience multiple plumbing problems, you will wish you had gone through this critical and necessary process before signing for the home. Plumbing issues may cost thousands of dollars and cause even more in damages if there is a leak somewhere in the system or a broken pipe which floods the home.

For example, one new homeowner constantly had problems with pipes bursting in the walls of his residence. It was later found that the piping was too small for the system, and it had to be completely replaced. A plumbing inspection could have pointed this out before the sale was made, saving the new homeowner thousands of dollars in expenses.

Give Peace of Mind

Just knowing that the system is in proper running order and will last for many years will reduce your stress in purchasing a new house. Buying property is a huge step and making sure that all is in good working order first will tell you that you have made the right choice in the home you have selected.

checking-a-water-heaterIf your heart is set on a particular property, and then you find that the plumbing issues will delay or even terminate your home ownership or cause significant problems in the future, you will be very disappointed but relieved that this was not discovered after you became the proud owner.

Eliminate Inconvenience

When a home floods or pipes leak, water may need to be turned off for extended periods of time. Parts of the home may be inaccessible and, in worst case scenarios, family members may have to take up residence with other family, friends, or even in a hotel if the conditions are severe, unfit, or unsafe. Flooring, pipes, fixtures and walls may need to be replaced if damages are significant.

Maintain Home Value

A quality plumbing system will assist in maintaining the value of your home. If you have your house inspected before purchase, adjustments and repairs can be made before the sale at the previous owner's expense.

Possibilities of leaks and flooding will be eliminated, and the entire home will remain in tip-top condition. If you decide to sell in the future, you will know that you are offering the new owner a quality piece of property.

Make Recommendations

Even if your system is in ultimate condition, your plumber may make recommendations to ensure that it will remain that way. If you live in a colder climate, he may suggest wrapping pipes to keep them from freezing and bursting.

He may show you where all the cut-off valves are and demonstrate how to turn off the water in an emergency. He may even recommend long-term improvements to ensure that no significant issues or problems come up in the future.

checking-for-hot-waterAs is evident, a plumbing inspection can save an individual or family from much inconvenience and expense. It is an insurance policy that will help you live in a stress-free and relaxing environment with no worries of damage or disruption.

Before you purchase that new home, take the necessary steps to call your local plumbing experts, and save yourself time and aggravation by having this very necessary inspection done.

They will respond quickly to your every need and emergency and can be depended on to give you quality parts and reasonable labor pricing.

For the very best in parts, labor, and service, call A & A Plumbing, located in San Antonio, TX. For your vital inspections, emergencies and regular day-to-day maintenance, they can be reached at the following phone number - (210) 566-2665.