When the Plumbing Monsters Come Out

Hearing These Sounds Says Certain Things About the State of a Plumbing System

The different sounds that come from a plumbing system make it seem as though there is a monster living underneath the home. From knocking sounds to gurgling, hearing these sounds during Halloween could have people thinking someone is in their home! Not to worry, though; local San Antonio professionals are there to help the residents of their community stay safer by staying informed. 

Just because the following noises are heard doesn’t mean there is a plumbing emergency, but hiring a professional is always a good idea nonetheless. 

Homeowners should continue reading to learn more about the different sounds their plumbing can make and what it says about the condition of their pipes. 

Constant Dripping

Plumbing fixtures that constantly drip aren’t efficient. There are multiple problems with plumbing that drips: 

  • Wastes water
  • Increases the water bill
  • Rusts the pipes
  • Could lead to mold growth

The worst thing about a drip is when the homeowner isn’t exactly sure where the drip is coming from. The longer a leak takes to locate, the better chance it’ll get worse before it gets repaired. Fixtures that constantly drip are a sign of natural wear and tear within the plumbing system. It might not be considered a plumbing emergency, but it can improve the state of the plumbing system when it’s fixed. 

Hearing a Knock in the Night


It’s relatively common to hear knocking somewhere in the plumbing system, especially if the homeowner has hard water in their home. One of the most common reasons for knocking is sediment build-up. When there is sediment built-up in the water heater, water has to break through the build-up before entering the home, this can often sound like a knocking noise to those in the home.  In this case, the water heater needs to be flushed out.

Water pressure can also cause knocking noises. When the water pressure isn’t consistent, it can cause the pipes to knock together. Something like this should be fixed right away to avoid further damages. A "water hammer" is also caused by shifting water pressure in the pipes, and can itself lead to damage as well.

When Toilets and Drains Gurgle

Unlike the other two sounds, a gurgling sound probably requires the most immediate attention. 


There are typically two reasons for this terrifying sound:

  • Poor ventilation: The drains will start to gurgle if air is forced through the drain faster than the water. 
  • Blockages: The homeowner will hear gurgling in the toilet if there is a blockage or clog somewhere in the line. 

In both cases, the sound indicates an underlying issue in the plumbing system that needs to be addressed to maintain a safe and efficient home. 

A&A Plumbing Keeps Their Customers Efficient

There is no time to waste when the plumbing system starts to fail. It can put an entire family at risk for health issues sooner than later. Not only that, but neglected plumbing issues can quickly become expensive repairs as well. The professionals at A&A Plumbing are there to serve their customers in the toughest of times to ensure San Antonio residents are happy and safe all year long. Call them now for expert plumbing services!