How Plant Growth in the Spring Can Damage Plumbing

Spring Gardening Could Hurt Your Plumbing 

Many people look forward to new blooms of flowers each spring, but being careless with planting can lead to plumbing issues. Homeowners in an HOA may already know that their planting options are limited based on underground plumbing and electrical wiring. Homeowners should be aware of how the growth of plants on their property could lead to problems with plant roots growing into underground pipes. 

Tree Roots Intruding Pipes


Tree roots are at least as long as the tree is tall, which means that they reach deep within the soil and can interrupt the path of underground pipes. When planting new trees, homeowners should plan their landscaping around the layout of their underground plumbing. Consulting with a trusted local plumbing contractor on new landscaping projects can help save homeowners a headache down the line from tree roots growing into the pipes. 

During the winter months, trees and other plants become dormant. Once the weather heats back up again, trees and roots can grow rapidly. These roots work their way into the plumbing system through any crack they can find. 

Eventually, the pipes can become blocked and result in a burst pipe. A pipe burst underground can be hard to detect, so it is best to take preventative measures with careful planting to prevent future issues. The plumber will need to repipe the plumbing to fix a burst pipe. Underground repiping is disruptive to the yard’s landscape and should be avoided. 

Warning Signs of Tree Roots Intruding

drainingUnderground plumbing issues can be hard to diagnose because they are hidden away from the eyes of the homeowners. Homeowners should be on the lookout for some warning signs of underground plumbing blockages caused by plant roots. Tree roots can affect both the main water line and the sewer line. 

When tree roots grow into the sewer line, it can cause slow draining as the water has to work its way past blockages of roots in the pipes. Slow draining can be frustrating and can even be a hazard to human health if dirty water containing waste remains stagnant in the home for a long time. On the other hand, when tree roots block the main water line, it can low water pressure. There are three signs of tree roots in the pipes: sudden spikes in utility bills, slow draining plumbing fixtures, and low water pressure. 

How Professionals Fix Tree Root Pipe Obstruction

Homeowners can help prevent tree root growth from affecting their plumbing systems by carefully planning their landscape around underground piping. When a blockage from tree roots does occur, homeowners should give a trusted local plumbing company a call. Professional plumbers have several professional tools to remove roots growing into the pipes. 

Plumbers use hydro-jetting to blast away roots that have grown into the waterline. Hydro-jetting involves using pressurized water at high speeds to dislodge blockages from tree roots. To find the source of the problem, the plumber may need to insert a camera into the pipes to find the tree roots visually. 

One can install a root barrier to prevent tree roots from growing into the home’s plumbing or foundation. Homeowners concerned about trees on their property expanding their roots into their plumbing systems should ask their local plumber how a root barrier can help. 

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