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How Do Water Softeners Stop Hard Water?

What Are Hard Water Problems?

A common plumbing issue is something called “hard water.” What is hard water? It is what happens when the water from your faucets has an unusual amount of minerals and deposits. Limestone and other minerals can dissolve into the water, and while this may seem harmless, it is actually the source of some problems in your home that you would probably prefer to do without.

A few of the ill effects of hard water include itchy skin, mineral build-up around faucets, sinks, and tubs, as well as spots on the dishes. The heavy mineral build up in the water will make it hard to get clean, and the minerals can even dry out your skin and scalp. If you have a problem with hard water in your home, the solution can be as simple as applying the use of the right water softener.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work

reverse osmosis

One purification system that is used to turn hard water into soft water is that of reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis tanks can be used to treat the water preemptively so that contaminants are all filtered out before it goes through your plumbing.

Reverse osmosis purifiers remove many sorts of particles and pollutants from water including the minerals that cause “hard water.” Osmosis works by pushing the water through a membrane to filter out contaminants.

Experts highly recommend these types of water purifiers for hard water and also to improve the tap water in your house for drinking. Reverse osmosis tanks can be installed fairly easily as well.

How Does a Magnetic Water Softener Work?

magnetic softenerMagnetic water softeners are a type of water tank that is made specifically for turning hard water into soft water. The benefit of these types of softeners is how the electrical charges from the magnetic field alter the particles of calcium and other minerals in the water. To prevent limescale a magnetic water softener can often do the trick.

Magnetic water softeners are a more controversial choice for some people because instead of removing the minerals from the water, it neutralizes their effects by changing the chemical makeup. While the minerals that cause hard water may remain in the water, the minerals will not stick to the surface and cause buildup.

What About Salt-Free Water Softeners?

salt free

A salt-free water softener is another solution to hard water that does not remove the minerals but instead changes their chemical makeup so that they do not have the same negative effects as they did before.

There are some benefits to choosing a salt-free water purification system over the other solutions. The energy cost and maintenance are usually pretty low for this type of water softener compared to the other leading solutions in the market.

Another benefit of salt-free water softeners is that they do not waste as much water as other types of softeners do, making them better for the environment as well as softer on your utility bills. Regardless of which water filtration system you choose for your home, it can have a major impact on your water quality, comfort, and health.

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