The Latest Innovations in Toilets

The Latest Toilet Technologies

Technology nowadays has been able to take something as common and ordinary as the toilet and completely change the way we see it by making it more innovative. Read below to see just how technologically advanced toilets have become.

Self-Opening Toilet Lid And Seat

A toilet lid that opens itself can be very useful for someone who may go to the bathroom of their San Antonio home at night and is too tired to properly work the toilet. A sensor can see a person coming towards the toilet and open the lid automatically.

San Antonio, TX | Toilet TechnologiesIt’s even possible for the toilet seat to lift up through the use of a sensor or a button, so the person doesn’t have to touch the toilet seat at all. Not only is this a cleanly way to use the toilet but also a great way to help prevent accidents on the lid or seat.

Self-Flushing Toilet

Self-flushing toilets are mostly common in airports and certain other places, but now it’s possible to have a self-flushing toilet at home, even for those who have typical toilets.

A person can either upgrade to a self-flushing toilet, or it’s possible to get a kit that can be installed on a typical toilet to allow it to flush by the use of a sensor. No matter how a person gets a self-flushing toilet, it’s very useful to have one and can prevent the spread of germs.

Dryer For The Buttocks

Some toilets have a dryer that is similar to a hand dryer, and the dryer will dry the buttocks of the person on the toilet. The bottom only needs drying if the person uses the washing feature, which some toilets have. Using the dryer may be more convenient than having to dry the behind with paper towels or a dry towel.

Bidet And Bottom Washer

There are toilets that have a bidet, which will wash the front of a person. It’s also possible to wash the person’s buttocks, which is done through the use of nozzles that will spray water onto the person, allowing them to clean themselves.

The washing process will take place after the person is finished using the bathroom, and they can activate the process through a remote control or with buttons located near or on the toilet.


A toilet in your San Antonio home that can self-clean is great because it saves a lot of effort in cleaning the toilet. Every self-cleaning toilet is different, but none required the use of a human to clean it.

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