Who Knew About Love a Tree Day?

Who Knew About Love a Tree Day?

With all the excitement of the coming holidays such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, it’s no wonder many people don’t know about National Love a Tree Day! As we just happened to learn about this great day too, we wanted to share it with you!

Love a Tree Day is right in the middle of Garden for Wildlife month. It’s a day to honor trees, and all they do for us! As beautiful and majestic as trees can be, they also provide us with many benefits. It is so important that we preserve as much tree life as possible! The best way to do this is by making sure trees have good water to drink!

Start With Clean Water

cleanwaterHaving clean water to drink is essential for trees to grow and be healthy. Unfortunately, when the water is polluted, it can cause an immense amount of damage to our leafy friends.

In basic terms, polluted water will make the tree’s ability to undergo photosynthesis decrease. Photosynthesis is how plants eat.

In general, they turn sunlight and water into energy. A side effect of this is the production of oxygen-which everything needs to live.

If a tree is absorbing water that is polluted; they will have a harder time deriving energy from the water, and less oxygen will be produced. Besides oxygen, trees are good for numerous activities and benefits. From climbing and swinging to using them for shade, trees give us so much! Without clean water, however, tree life as we know it could wither and die.

Fight Pollution With Water Filtration Systems

waterfilterHaving clean water is not only essential for trees, but for us as well. Unlike trees, though, most of us have a water filtration system in our home. The water that comes out of our faucets is generally safe to drink; and we have the option of bottled water.

Unfortunately, not everyone, or everything, has this option. Without a water filtration system, you are putting your health at risk. Drinking, and even bathing in, polluted water can cause serious health problems. Polluted water can contain some harmful things ranging from algal bloom to germs and bacteria.

Diseases associated with polluted water can range from less serious concerns like rashes to serious illnesses like typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis. Having a water filtration system at your disposal is something you can take for granted. Plants, such as trees, do not have this luxury; and they are at the mercy of their environment and us!

Take the First Step and Celebrate Love a Tree Day

plantatreeThe best way to celebrate Love a Tree Day is to get out there and give our green friends a clean drink of water! Water the trees and plants around your home, or go out and find a tree that could use a little love. Just make sure the water is clean!

A great way to water trees (and other plants) is to collect rainwater. Levels of pollution in rain water is very low; it actually sustains much of the world’s population. You can also use water right from your tap or garden hose. Either way, giving a tree a clean drink of water on Love a Tree Day will not only benefit them, but also our environment!

How is Your Water?

While we are excited to celebrate Love a Tree Day, we also want to make sure that each person has a good water filtration system in place. If you do not have a system in place please reach out to us for further information. At A & A Plumbing we are committed to helping each of our clients have the best drinking water available! Please call us at (210) 566-2665.

Have a Happy Love a Tree Day!