Ways to Go Green

Ways to Go Green

On April 22, more than 200 countries around the world will converge to celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is the day to evaluate the strides we have made towards conserving the environment. There is always something that you can do to support the initiative to save the environment.

You can start with your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. These systems use the very resources that are being depleted: water and energy. Thus, developing ways to conserve these resources will go a long way to preserving the environment.

Here are some tips to conserving energy, environment, and water.

Go for eco-friendly plumbing fixtures

Many conventional plumbing fixtures such as shower heads and toilets use a lot of water. You can cut the water consumption by investing in low- flow shower heads and water efficient toilets. These use less water but give the same result.

Install tankless water heaters

save-water_480Many homes have conventional water heaters. These water heating systems have a heating unit and a storage tank. Water is stored in the tank after heating.

After staying there for a while, it starts to lose the heat and has to be reheated again to attain the correct temperature. This is a waste of energy.

Tankless water heaters do not have storage tanks. Water is heated whenever it is needed and at the temperature required.

This energy efficient appliance can save you plenty of energy and money.


recycle_480Many items can be recycled at home including plastic bags, water, and wood. Recycling non-biodegradables reduces waste on the environment and the cost of buying new items.

Recycling water lowers the amount of water consumed which means lower bills and more water conserved. For example, the water that you use for laundry and washing utensils can then be used to water flowers in the yard.

Invest in good water filtration systems instead of letting the gray water go to waste.

Lowering your carbon footprint

carbon-footprint_480The more carbon that is generated into the atmosphere, the greater effect it has on the environment. You should cut down on excess sources of carbon dioxide by limiting those activities that you have control over. For example, you may ride or walk to the groceries rather than drive.

You can also avoid using solid fuel for heating your home and use renewable energy instead. You may also cut down unnecessary business travel and use technology for communication instead.

A little investment could go a long way in conserving the environment and lowering your energy bills.

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