Water Heater Regulations You Should Know

What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

Water Heater Regulation One: Newly Manufactured Water Heaters are More Efficient

The federal government has new regulations concerning water heaters to improve energy efficiency at residential and commercial properties, and San Antonio is no exception. These new guidelines have been established in order to reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas and oil throughout the United States.

The companies that manufacture water heaters must follow certain rules when making water heaters to ensure the devices are compliant with the regulations. Experts believe these changes in the way water heaters are designed will save over 60 billion dollars in fuel costs for consumers between 2015 and 2044. While the newer water heaters may cost more, homeowners and property managers will notice significant savings on their monthly fuel bills.

San Antonio, TX water-heater-servicesWater Heater Regulation Two: New Regulations Depend on the Size of the Water Heater

The standards established by the federal government depend on the size of the water heater, and in many cases, a water heater is larger in size because of the additional insulation layers and components. In order to fit water heaters into small spaces such as utility closets, a consumer may need to select a water heater with a smaller capacity.

Our plumbers may need to help customers select a water heater that does not hold as much hot water in order for the appliance to fit inside a particular space. We also must follow certain safety guidelines when installing water heaters to provide sufficient clearance around the device to avoid fires or explosions.

Water Heater Regulation Three: Plumbers can Install Older Inefficient Models

Many water heater manufacturers have warehouses filled with water heaters made under the previous guidelines, and it is possible for plumbers to install these devices in homes and businesses. All of these devices were made before the new regulations and are kept at stores and warehouses across the United States. As long as our plumbers can document that the water heater was manufactured before 2015, it is legal to install the device inside a property.

If a customer chooses to have one of these older models installed, then they should understand that they will not enjoy the energy savings that are provided by the newest types of water heaters. When our customers need to have a new water heater installed in a building, we are able to determine the best model needed for a San Antonio property and install it safely according to government standards.

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