How to Have a Perfect Plumbing System

If you’ve been noticing a leaky faucet, puddles around your toilet, or maybe a slow draining sink, it’s probably time to call a plumber. Even if you haven’t seen these issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean your plumbing is in top condition. In fact, the only way to be completely sure of this is to call an experienced professional to inspect everything.

A plumbing technician will be able to spot possible plumbing issues, allowing you to make the judgment call on when you should fix them. Oftentimes, the sooner the better! Keep reading for a few things you can do to make sure you have the perfect plumbing system!

Struggling With Plumbing Problems? It Could be Your DIY Fixes

“cleandrains”With plumbing, there are somethings you can do yourself and some things you shouldn’t attempt. The biggest DIY no-no is drain cleaner.

Store-bought drain cleaner doesn’t work as well as you’d expect, and more often than not you’ll find yourself using more of it than is needed. Sure, you may see better drainage, but your pipes and PVC fixtures are slowly being destroyed from the inside out.

The same can be said about new fixture installations. Whether it’s a new kitchen faucet or a shower head, improper installation can reduce the water pressure in your home, and leave you with an annoying issue in your home.

4 Ways to Keep Your Plumbing in Top Shape

The best way to get your perfect plumbing system is by doing the little things right. Some easy tips you can implement in your home include:


  • Professional Drain Cleaning: As mentioned before, chemicals can actually do more harm than good, and more often than not they don’t actually get to the source of the problem. Clean drains can be a reality with the help of a detailed and professional plumber.
  • Drain Covers: There are some things that just shouldn't go down your drains, and the easiest way to avoid it is with a drain cover. These inexpensive protectors can keep hair and other debris away from your plumbing system.
  • Inspect Your Bill: As a homeowner, you should always be checking your water bills for any discrepancies. Any spike in your water usage can be a sign of a more serious issue like a water leak, and taking care of it early is the best way to limit damage in your home.
  • Work with Expert Plumbers: Not all plumbers are the same, and you should always work with the ones that put your home first. Plumbers should always adhere to local requirements to ensure that your home’s system is installed and maintained the way it should be.

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic that only knew how to change oil, so why would you call a plumber who only knew how to unclog drains? A & A Plumbing is experienced in just about every plumbing problem there is and strives to provide the BEST customer service.

To give you an idea, we can fix backflow issues, gas leaks, water heaters, sump pumps and anything else plumbing-related. Whether you have an emergency or standard maintenance, give A & A Plumbing a call today!