Change Your Bathroom in 2016!

5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

San Antonio, TX bathroom-remodeling-servicesMake Small Changes

Those who are budgeting themselves but still want to change the look of their San Antonio bathroom can do so by making small changes. Do different things to the bathroom that will stand out, such as adding a painting, flowers, or a linen stand. Making some small changes is a good way to save money when remodeling your bathroom, but it’s also a way to make that particular bathroom look different than any other bathroom in the home.

Add A Faucet And A New Sink

Another way to remodel a bathroom on a budget is by adding a new faucet as well as a new sink. Although it’s possible to get the faucet without the sink and vice versa, you may want to match them both for better results. Those who are seriously trying to save money may want to go for the faucet, but if you're splurging a bit, then adding a new sink is a great way to bring some more beauty to the bathroom. It also wouldn’t be the worst idea to make the bathroom sink match in color to some of the other fixtures that are in the bathroom.

Change Toilets

Changing out a toilet is a small remodeling project for any bathroom, but this definitely can change the bathroom’s look. If you choose to get a new toilet in the bathroom, then try to pick a toilet that can match the sink or the tub, especially if they’re different colors than white.


There are tons of different wallpapers that can be put on a wall to make it look beautiful, especially in a bathroom. If you choose to add wallpaper to your bathroom, then know that this is a great remodeling tactic, and the wallpaper will be lower in cost. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, then getting tiles or even painting the walls would be a great way to change the look of the bathroom, without costing too much money.

Change The Lights

The lighting in a bathroom is always important, especially if it’s a big bathroom. Adding in a light fixture that can change in settings from dim to a bright setting would be great for any bathroom, especially when you want something unique and low in cost to help spruce up your bathroom. This lighting is also great for romantic baths for couples, especially on the dim setting.

All of these tips combined can turn your San Antonio home into an extraordinary place to live.

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