Careful Cleanup After Your Thanksgiving Feast

Tips to Mitigate Thanksgiving Plumbing Disasters.

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in North America. Usually characterized by good food such as turkey and lots of football action, Thanksgiving brings together families across San Antonio to share some valuable time. Unfortunately, broken garbage disposals are one of the top seasonal issues.

San Antonio, TX Garbage Disposal ServicesThanksgiving Drainage Disasters.

While everybody is having the time of their lives, plumbers and garbage companies enjoy the busiest day of the year. During Thanksgiving preparations in the kitchen, the garbage bins overload with waste and within no time the sink does too.

Eventually, the buildup kitchen waste leads to clogging of pipes and drainage lines. Other ingredients used such as the turkey possess oily residues that take long to flow out of drainage pipes.

How to manage grease and oily waste:

Please avoid flushing the greasy remnants down your drainage line. Grease and oil solidify when they come into contact with cold surfaces and fluids.

When flushed down the sink with water, the stick on the pipe walls leading to blockages. Also, only place empty plates in the sink area. Instead, keep tap water flowing in the sink. If you notice oily substances, remove them with your glove on and dump into the trash bin.

Garbage Disposal:

Depending on the size of your household or guests during Thanksgiving, place at least two garbage bin in your kitchen. That way, all waste fits into these bins and the overflow onto the kitchen sink ceases.

Avoid flushing paper towels and swabs down the drains. A special container for greasy waste can be set up to prevent contamination.

Dish Washing:

It's understandable that lots of activities take place during the party. Eventually, the hosts are too tired to do the dishes. However, it has been observed that leaving the dishes dirty until the following morning only compounds the garbage problems.

Grease sticks even more on the sinks, pans and plates sometimes necessitating physical removal. Since the dishes stay in the sink, the oil usually flows down the drains, therefore, leaving clogged pipes.

Organize your household chores so that the dishes are done immediately after the party. The dishes can also be wiped dry with a paper or cotton towel before washing.

Drainage Inspection:

A homeowner can benefit from having the drainage lines regularly checked before major holidays. By so doing, the activities of Thanksgiving are less likely to accelerate drainage problems.

According to plumbing experts, drainage blockages lead to the overflow and blow up of sewer lines. Frequent inspection and servicing can avoid the adverse environmental consequences of sewage overflows and prevent a disaster in your San Antonio home.

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