A Presidential Clog!

As we look back on another Presidents Day weekend, we may remember fondly all the fun we had enjoying the three day weekend with our loved ones. Often, presidents day means spending the extra day with friends or loved ones, which usually involves lots of cooking- or maybe even barbecuing!

While we all love a holiday weekend, and it is great to look back and honor the great men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who have led our nation in the past, holiday weekend festivities can often lead to a mess in your home and plumbing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you take care of your home after all your Presidents Day festivities.

Clog Prevention

clogpreventionA clogged pipe can really put a damper on your holiday weekend. There are some simple things that can help you avoid a clogged drain, though.

Always keep in mind that any grease, oils, or fats can NOT be disposed of in the sink.

While some believe it’s okay to dispose of cooking grease in your sink if you run hot water, the problem is that once the hot water stops running, the grease will eventually settle and harden somewhere in your pipes.

The hardened grease will clog the pipe, even if only partially, and you’ll end up paying for it. If you’ve been guilty of pouring grease down the sink drain, don’t panic! A professional drain cleaning will help you get all that old grease and oil, as well as other debris out of your pipes.

Food Disposal

fooddisposalAnother way you can prevent clogged drains and pipes is by installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink.

Garbage disposals can help you get rid of certain types of food quickly, without having to worry about them clogging your drain, so you can get back to enjoying the long weekend with your family.

While not all food can be washed down your sink, thinks like citrus peels can be ground up to keep your sink drain smelling fresh. Other things like rice, highly fibrous vegetables, and coffee grounds should be kept out of the garbage disposal.

Drain Cleaning

daincleaningThe best way to avoid your long weekend being ruined by clogged pipes is to schedule a drain cleaning with a trusted plumber. In fact, scheduling regular drain cleanings should happen every 6 to 12 months.

This can help you get rid of stubborn clogs, reduce odors from food rotting in your drains, lower the risk of having a plumbing emergency, and help your sink drain empty faster.

Having a plumber come out to clean your drains can also give your plumber an opportunity to identify any other potential issues with your drain or pipes. We truly hope you enjoyed the long Presidents' Day weekend, and all the festivities that may have come with it.

Perhaps you didn’t host your friends and family for the long weekend this year. Perhaps you spent it at a loved one’s home. If so, send this article their way to give them some tips about taking care of their clogged pipes and drains.