7 Tips to Prepare Your House for the Fall Weather

7 Tips to Prepare Your House for the Fall Weather

Fall is a welcomed change from the heat that comes with summer. During fall, we are experiencing crisp, cool nights and days that are perfect for going on walks and enjoying the fall colors.

For homeowners, fall is also the time of year when it’s best to invest some time and money into home improvements and preparations for the winter.

Our top seven fall plumbing chores include:

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1. Clean Out the Gutter and Drainage Pipes

This job is best carried out as fall is transitioning into winter. Remove any dead leaves, branches or other items that may have fallen in your gutters or drainage pipes. That way, when we start to experience higher levels of precipitation, your gutters are sparkly clean and ready to handle the stress.

2. Protect Your Pipes from the Frost

While Texas certainly doesn’t freeze like our neighbors to the north, we still must be vigilant in protecting our pipes from frost. Overnights can be very chilly, and your pipes may get damaged or freeze and burst if they are exposed. The best way to prevent this from happening is by installing simple pipe insulation on any pipes that may be exposed and seal any cracks in your home that may let cold air inside.

3. Empty Your Septic Tank if Needed

cleaning-your-guttersIf your septic tank is reaching the point where it should be emptied, consider doing it in the fall, before frost sets in the ground during winter.

This will make any potential repairs go much more smoothly and ensure that you don’t experience an overflowing septic tank in the middle of winter.

4. Invest in Drain Cleaning

Fall also comes with the knowledge of future family events and holiday get-togethers. This usually involves cooking and meal prep that may increase the amount of food, grease, and oil left in your drains. By investing in professional drain cleaning in the fall, you will ensure that your drains are clean as a whistle and ready to work all winter long.

5. Inspect Your Sump Pump

With the increased precipitation in fall and winter, you will want to make sure your sump pump is working properly. If you currently only use your sump pump in emergency situations, there is a chance that the pump has seized and won’t work when you need it. With a professional inspection, we can quickly determine if your pump is working efficiently and wwater-heater-meterill work reliably over the winter.

6. Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

As fall ushers in the busy holiday season, you may find yourself hosting family members overnight. Make sure your water heater is up to the task of heating more water with professional water heater maintenance.

We will check over the entire system and make sure it’s working safely and reliably.

7. Disconnect Outdoor Hoses

Unless you want to damage your outdoor water faucets or hoses, make sure you remove them and disconnect the water going to the outdoor faucets during fall. Chances are, you won’t be watering your lawn anytime soon, so better to be safe than sorry.

For additional help getting your home ready for fall in San Antonio, TX, call A & A Plumbing today at 210-566-2665.