Your pet might be the source of your trouble

Pet Owners: 3 Plumbing Tips to Keep Cat and Dog Hair Out of Drains and Pipes

Plumbing problems can be not only an inconvenience, but also a drain on your San Antonio home's finances. Fortunately, most of the plumbing problems in a home can be avoided by taking some very easy steps.

This applies especially to problems associated with dogs and cats, which contribute more than their fair share of pet hair inside pipes and drains in various ways. But the good news is that many of the issues concerning dog and cat hair can be lessened or eliminated altogether by following a few simple steps, like the ones provided here.

San Antonio, TX Drain Cleaning ServicesDrain Strainers are a Must

If you bathe your pet regularly, you'll need a drain strainer to put over the tub's drain. If you don't use one, you'll have your drain and pipes filling up quickly with dog or cat hair, which will lead to plenty of clogs that will need to be removed by a San Antonio plumber.

Many of today's drain strainers take into account being used for pet bathing, and are made with numerous small holes in order to catch pet hair. But if you can't get your hands on one of these, any ordinary drain strainer will do when giving Fido or Fluffy a bath.

Flushable Litter and Concrete

When you fill a litter box with flushable litter, you might as well be filling it with dry concrete. That's because when the litter gets flushed down the toilet, the litter, hair, and other waste and debris go into the pipes and begin to harden just like concrete.

Plumbers have great difficulty eliminating these clogs, and most recommend not using any type of flushable litter. Instead, use regular litter and throw it away in a trashcan.

Pet-Proof Drain Covers

If your home has any pipes that are exposed or has drains that have been left uncovered, it's a good idea to have a plumber install pet-proof drain covers and have them work to cover any pipes that are exposed.

If dogs chew on pipes or kitties crawl into open drains, plenty of their hair will find its way there as well and lead to stubborn clogs forming in multiple spots.

To keep this from happening, take a look around at your basement, garage, storage building, or crawlspace and note any drains or pipes that are potential problem areas. Once you know the problem areas, call a plumber as soon as possible to make the necessary repairs.

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