When it comes to Your Plumbing, When is Replacement Better than Repair?

Your plumbing is a very detailed and intricate system. It’s all put in place for you to be able to utilize water efficiently throughout your home. The equipment attached to your plumbing is just as important as the plumbing itself. If something breaks down, it can mean disaster for you. Find out when it is the right time to replace equipment, rather than simply repair it.

Should You Replace the Water Heater?

“waterheater”Replacing the water heater sounds like a very expensive task. However, if your water heater is broken, you may be shelling out more cash on fixing it than you would to replace it. Below is a list of signs your water heater needs to be replaced.

● Leaking
● Pilot light frequently goes out
● Rust or Corrosion
● Constantly running out of hot water

The Kitchen Sink May Need to Go

“kitchensink”If you notice cracking or rust around your faucets, this could be an indication your sink needs replacement.

Leaks around the taps are also a sign your sink is getting old, and a new one might be a good option.

Replace the Shower Top

“showertop”It’s not just straight water that runs through your pipes. That water is treated with chemicals and minerals to make it safe for you to use.

Those minerals will cause sediment build up in your pipes near your shower top. Over time this build-up can lead to rusting.

Rust will corrode your piping and cause leaks at the surface. This can all be avoided by replacing your shower head at least once per year.

What About Your Washing Machine?

“washingmachine”Replacing the washing machine can seem like an expensive idea. But sometimes repairing the issue just won’t solve the problem and can cost you more than just buying new.

If you notice any leaking around your washer, this can be a sign that things are starting to go awry. Shaking, moving, and excessive loud noises are also indicators that something is wrong with the washer that may be unrepairable. Additionally, if your drum doesn't fill up with water then it may be time to replace the whole thing. Your washing machine has a lifespan of about 8-10 years so check your warranty before you make any decisions.

Well, there you have it San Antonio, TX. Repairing your appliance is not always the answer. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and go with a brand new model. This can save you tremendously on water, time and money. Not to mention you now have something new to show off at your next family gathering!