Outdoor Plumbing

4 Essential Spring Plumbing Tips for the Outdoors

4 Essential Spring Plumbing Tips for the Outdoors

Spring is almost here in San Antonio, TX, which means that it is time to take care of a few essential home maintenance and repair items.

As we prepare our homes and gardens to be their best for the spring and summer, it is a perfect time to tend to your outdoor plumbing.

When we think about plumbing maintenance, it tends to relate to the plumbing inside our homes. It is just as important to check out your outdoor plumbing as well.

Look at the Sprinklers

SprinklerGet your irrigation system ready to go for the coming season by doing a thorough inspection. Look at all the valves to make sure that they are functioning well.

They need to work well because this is what will determine water flow and ultimately how hydrated your lawn and garden are.

Check nozzles and clear them of soil and rocks that might interfere with watering. Check the timers as well, look for date and time and change old batteries for fresh ones. Look for possible leaks in the lines, which will appear as sunken patches on your lawn.

Clear the Gutters

Home GuttersOver the fall and winter, there is generally more wind, which means that more leaves and other debris start flying around.

Very often this debris ends up in your gutters. This can create a number of problems, especially during spring and summer rains when the water flow away from your home is interrupted.

You could be looking at leaks and water damage. Clear gutters out regularly with a broom. Avoid using a hose, because that just wastes water and increases your water bills.

Don’t Forget the Faucets

Outdoor FaucetAre your faucets leaking? Place your thumb over the spigot, so it is blocked. Turn the faucet on.

If you can contain the water with your thumb or finger, that indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the piping.

If the pressure is too great for your hand, you are all good. If you suspect a leak, make sure to call for help soon.

Make Sure Hoses are in Good Shape

Outdoor HosesThis is a good a time as any to make sure that your hoses survived the winter intact-literally.

Over time, rubber hoses crack and break, which means that the water you run through them will leak everywhere.

Not only will your lawn and garden suffer, your water bills will go up. Check the rubber. Make sure that nozzles aren’t warped and still fasten snugly into hose bibs. It doesn’t take long to maintain your outdoor plumbing, but it makes a big difference!