Say Goodbye To Low Shower Water Pressure!

Do You Know Why Your Shower Has Low Water Pressure?

Few things are as annoying as stepping into the shower only to be met by a puny trickle of water coming from the showerhead. Weak water pressure makes showers take way longer than they should, but even after taking all that time, the soap or shampoo often doesn’t quite get rinsed off all the way, resulting in dry, itchy skin or limp, lifeless hair.

But as frustrating as the effects of poor water pressure can be, what makes it worse is not knowing what’s causing the problem. So this article will lay out a few possible reasons a shower might have low water pressure - and what to do about it.

A Brief Overview of Bathroom Plumbing

The first place to look when the shower pressure suffers is the bathroom’s other fixtures. In general, bathroom plumbing is connected, with pipes branching off from the main supply and drainage pipes and running to each of the fixtures. A clogged drain in the tub might also affect the sink or shower drains. But the same goes for the supply lines as well.

If the mineral scale has built up inside the pipes or some sort of debris (i.e., impurities or flakes of corroded metal) has made its way into the water lines, it can cause a loss in water pressure. If the bathtub or sink faucets also seem to have weak water pressure, one or more of the bathroom supply lines may be clogged.

Hidden Water Line Leaksleaks

Another possible reason for low shower pressure is if there’s a leak in one of the water lines. Even a very small leak will allow pressure to escape from the supply system, diminishing the flow rate significantly. Hidden water leaks are one of the most common causes of water pressure issues, but this is a blessing in disguise - without the drop in water pressure, many small leaks might go unnoticed for much longer, steadily wasting water and potentially damaging the home.

A leak in any bathroom supply lines (or upstream) may affect other fixtures in the bathroom, but a leak in the shower plumbing itself may not, depending on the configuration. Unfortunately, shower plumbing isn’t always easy to get to and inspect for leaks, so hiring a leak detection service may be the best option.

showerheadClogged Showerhead

Poor shower pressure is often caused by a mineral scale buildup in the showerhead itself. This is especially common in regions with hard water, which contains high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 

While not necessarily harmful to ingest or bathe in, hard water can leave mineral deposits inside pipes and fixtures that can eventually build up enough to constrict water flow. This is one reason water lines may become clogged as mentioned above. This hard water scale is notorious for jamming up showerheads - it may even be visible as a sort of light-colored crust around the nozzle holes.

Removing the showerhead and soaking it in vinegar overnight is one easy home remedy for this, but it won’t solve the underlying problem. Very hard water can have other negative effects on the home, so homeowners may want to consider installing a water softener to remove the mineral content from their water supply. Homeowners can wave goodbye to low shower pressure for good!

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