New Plumbing Fixture Trends for 2022

Sleek Bathroom and Kitchen Updates for the New Year

If a homeowner wants to update their kitchen or bathroom space, now may be the time to do it. When looking at a remodel, there are many things to consider, such as the use of space, longevity of fixtures and color trends, and the practical considerations of accommodating all family members. This article will examine what designers and realtors predict for kitchen and bath design for the new year and moving forward. 

Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Kitchen Plumbing Trendssink

The kitchen is an ever-evolving space often used for more than just meal preparation. It is a place for family and entertaining guests. If a person is contemplating a kitchen overhaul, they must consider first how the room is used and by whom. As technology improves, integrating the kitchen with the tech in the rest of the house is beginning to trend.
  • Fixtures: The jury is still out on whether shiny or matte finishes will dominate the faucets of the next few years, but there is a movement toward mixed metals such as a matte black and brass kitchen faucet. 
  • Sinks: As the kitchen gets used to social gatherings and multiple cooks, sinks are growing to extra-large size. Industrial design is often favored for the no-hassle cleaning element, but the classic farmhouse design is still relevant.
  • Color: Bold and bright colors are used for indoor and outdoor cooking areas. Bright backsplashes offer an eye-pleasing color pop.
  • High Tech: Both touch-to-activate faucets and touchless faucets with motion sensors are great kitchen upgrades that help keep the high-use area as germ-free as possible.

Bath Trends: What’s New in Tubs and Showers?bathroom

Perhaps the kitchen is not where a customer wants to change. Perhaps they want to transform their bathroom into a perfect spa retreat space that can suit both private and romantic purposes. They are not alone, as this has become popular in recent years and is continuing to change the face of home baths. Not satisfied with a simple practical bath, sink, and toilet, the modern homeowner is expanding their bathroom to be a place of luxury and rest.

  • Away with the Tub!: There is a growing trend of removing the traditional alcove tub and replacing it with a large two-person shower or a spa tub. If no one in the house takes baths, what is the use of having one? As real estate sellers still advise having one tub in the house, this may be something to discuss with a contractor or realtor if a person is planning to sell.
  • Luxuriant Shower Heads: Multiple showerheads add immediate luxury to a shower, and having an extra handheld head is great for dog washing and spot cleaning. Consider installing a rain shower head or one of the many multi-head options available for a great clean.
  • Bidets: Since the pandemic has produced multiple toilet paper shortages, bidets have become a trending item. They appear luxurious and an excellent way to keep clean down below.
  • Fewer Grout Lines and Art Deco Design: Simple geometric lines are still elegant and classy. A minimalist form of art deco seems to be favored in bathroom sink faucet installation. Larger tiles that produce fewer visible lines create a more dramatic view and add to the spa feel of the modern bathroom.
  • Toilet Replacement: Consider upgrading the toilet for a more efficient, eco-friendly one. Earth-friendly is always in style.

Professional Remodeling

While a remodel may seem daunting, having the right professional for the job will make the project much easier. While do-it-yourself may seem trendy, doing it right (and safely) is a much better choice. A homeowner should always hire professional remodelers when considering a major project. In the end, it will save time, money, and mental strain.

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