How To Prevent Shower Plumbing Issues Inside of Your Home

Shower Not Working? Fix It!

The bane of every homeowner is waking up in the morning to a shower that will not work. No matter what you do or how much you try, it backs up, will not drain, or won’t give you enough water to say so. Showers that don’t work are one of the worst things for a homeowner to deal with and they never pop up at a convenient time.

If this happens to you, you know what a frustration it is to have a shower that suddenly stops working. Keep reading for the best tips on keeping your shower flowing free, these even include cleaning your showerhead!

How Does Your Bathroom Plumbing Work?

bathroom plumbingIf you find that you’re having problems with your shower backing up, the first place to check is the bathroom plumbing. While it may not sound apparently obvious, the plumbing that allows your shower to drain is connected to the rest of your bathroom plumbing and eventually connects to the main sewer line that leads to the city pipe leading out from your house.

If any part of your plumbing gets backed up, it could eventually block the drain pipes leading from your shower and cause your shower to stop draining. Sometimes giving your toilet a good plunge can free up any blockages and your shower will start draining freely once again.

Always Avoid Plumbing Issues With a Clean Shower

Sometimes the most overlooked part of a stopped-up shower is the shower itself. There are several places to check to ensure your shower is free of debris. First, check your showerhead. Over time, mineral deposits and hard water can form a crust inside the showerhead, reducing water flow. If this is the case, cleaning the hard water and mineral deposits will restore full flow through the showerhead.

clean a shower

Second, examine the drain cover. If you have a mesh strainer, chances are there’s a lot of hair in the strainer. Simply removing this will help your shower to drain like normal. Once you’ve looked at these two areas, move on to the next step in case your shower still isn’t working as it should.

Are There Leaking Pipes?

leaking pipesIf your shower has low water pressure and nothing you do seems to change the way your shower works, you could have leaking inner pipes. Leaking pipes are a common cause of lowering the water pressure in your shower.

When water doesn’t flow through your pipes under full pressure, it will appear as if the shower isn’t working properly. The issue, however, is likely with the pipes that connect incoming water to the shower.

Any leaks will impact how much water reaches you through the showerhead. Check all pipes leading to the shower for signs of leaks. If you find a leak and fix it, you’ll probably fix the low water pressure in your shower, as well.

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