Drip… Drip… Drip. How to Stop the Dripping Faucet Nonsense!

Why Dripping Faucets Happen, and How to Prevent Them

Dripping faucets are a nuisance and can cause expensive damage if not caught and fixed as soon as possible. They can increase your water bill, and the sound can be enough to drive anyone up the wall. There are many common causes of leaky faucets.

Broken o-rings, corroded valve seats, and loose washers are all common causes of dripping faucets. Understanding why the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms are leaking is an important step to solving the problem and preventing leaky faucets in a working plumbing system.

Leaky Faucets in the Kitchen

kitchen sinkKitchen faucets can spring a leak for a few different reasons. One common cause of dripping faucets is a problem with the o-ring. The o-ring is a small disk that is attached to the screw that holds the handle of the faucet in place.

If the drip is happening near the handle, it may mean that you need to replace the o-ring, or the o-ring may just need to be tightened. Another common cause of a leaking faucet is a corroded valve seat.

The valve seat is the connection between the spout and the faucet, so this type of leak occurs near the spout. It can become corroded if water sediments accumulate. Regular cleaning, with the help of a plumbing professional, can help prevent this type of faucet leak.

Another common cause of a leaking faucet is a loose or improperly installed washer. Every time the faucet is used, the washer is pressed against the valve seat and can wear down and cause a leak. The washer can also be the wrong size or installed incorrectly. The best way to correct this is to have a plumbing professional replace the washer.

Dripping Faucets in the Bathroom

Leaking faucets are not exclusive to the kitchen. Bathrooms have bathtubs, showerheads, and sink systems all of which can spring a leak. Showerheads and bathtub faucets leaks could also be caused by a worn-out o-ring, washer or valve seat. These can be checked and replaced as described above.

bathroom leaks

Showerheads especially can accumulate hard water deposits, which can cause them to leak. Soaking the showerhead in white vinegar can help break up any deposits. Detach the showerhead from the hose and soak overnight, then scrub with a toothbrush before reinstalling.

Dripping Faucets Can Increase Water Bills

water billCatching leaky faucets and fixing them as quickly as possible can help keep your water bill from skyrocketing. Leaks and drips can cause water bills to increase significantly, even if the drip seems small and insignificant.

Water that runs constantly can add up quickly. Fixing a leaky faucet may seem inconvenient and expensive, but putting off fixing a leak can result in surprisingly expensive water bills.

It is always worth it to call your local plumbing professional to check out a leaking faucet quickly, rather than let the problem continue.

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