Common Tools Plumbers Use on the Job

The Kinds of Tools Plumbing Contractors Keep in Their Fully Stocked Trucks

With how-to videos available on home improvement, it’s easy to think that dealing with a home plumbing issue is simple. And while some basic plumbing issues can and should be dealt with by the homeowner (typical toilet clog, loose shower head, etc.), many more require specific tools and special know-how. But since knowledge is power, it’s a good idea for homeowners to know what tools professional plumbing contractors carry in their trucks when they do a job!

Handy Hand Tools

toolsThere are many hand tools that plumbers use regularly. These are the bread and butter of a plumber’s toolbox. And they each serve distinct purposes to help deal with a wide range of plumbing issues. Perhaps the tool most commonly associated with plumbers is the adjustable wrench. A small set of adjustable wrenches can cover all the sizes of a heavy non-adjustable wrench set. Likewise, adjustable pliers are also a must for any plumber. These can be adjusted to grip pipes, fittings, fasteners, and bolts of many sizes. 

Ratcheting pipe cutters are also found in plumbing trucks. These help work in tight spaces and can facilitate the cutting of different kinds of pipes. Basin wrenches are another hand tool used by all plumbers. With a pivoting head at one and a telescoping handle, these wrenches are made for reaching up into tight spaces behind sinks or other plumbing fixtures. 

Important Safety Equipment

Of course, when discussing plumbing tools, it’s impossible not to mention safety equipment. All kinds of gloves can help protect the plumber’s hands from cuts and scratches. Depending on the type of work, a plumber may be dealing with chemicals that can burn the skin or heat when joining pipes. There are also safety glasses or goggles that help protect their eyes when working a job. Of course, plumbers on construction sites will wear hard hats to protect their heads. 

Masks are essential for any plumbers working around dust, chemicals that might harm the lungs, or small particles that could be inhaled. Many plumbers may also wear knee pads or back braces to protect their joints long-term. 

Specialized Plumbing Tools

toolsPerhaps the most exciting type of equipment is the specialized tools unique to plumbers. Several specialized plumbing tools are very useful for certain plumbing jobs. Most people are familiar with the plumbing snake — an auger with a handle that can be “snaked” down a drain to clear a clog. However, not everyone knows about the hydrojet tool, which uses a high-powered water flow to break tough clogs. Hydrojets are often preferable to drain snakes because they are less likely to damage old or weakened pipes. 

Some plumbers also use certain camera equipment to visualize the clog, leak, or obstruction. Using a drain before clearing a clog can help ensure the plumber uses the right tools. Then, they can use the camera afterward to ensure the clog is fully cleared. These sewer inspection cameras are ideal for ensuring the job is done right and are a powerful tool in any plumber’s arsenal. 

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