New Year, New Plumbing Fixtures

2023: New Showerheads, Bathtubs, and a Whole Lot More 

The new decade got off to a rough start––but that doesn’t have to continue. Instead of looking at the same outdated plumbing fixtures each day, one can completely outfit their kitchen and bathroom with new features. Not only can these upgrades bring a home into the 21st century, but they can also save homeowners money in the long run. 

Changing the Kitchen Faucet 

sinkThe kitchen’s faucet can take a lot of damage throughout its lifetime. While the internal components can last decades, a faucet’s exterior could show signs of rust, corrosion, and other blemishes. A worn-down-looking faucet can even make the most modern kitchens seem stuck in time. 

Thankfully, homeowners have many options when seeking to upgrade their kitchen sinks and faucet. Some considerations include the following: 

  • Getting a touchless faucet. Touchless faucets have only been on the market for a few years, but they’ve made their mark on the home improvement world. Touchless faucets dispense water at the slightest touch. Homeowners don’t have to worry about regularly cleaning faucets or washing their hands before each use. Some touchless faucets even use voice commands, making matters even more convenient. 
  • “Smart” faucets. Smart faucets are a lot like touchless faucets but have one key difference: they rely on a Wi-Fi connection. Here, homeowners can control faucets using their phones. This is ideal for people who have disabilities or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Remodeling the Bathroom 

bathroomPer the Daily Infographic, one could spend more than two years in the bathroom throughout their lifetime. That’s a long time to look at ugly faucets, knobs, and other fixtures. Instead of turning a blind eye to outdated decorations, homeowners should instead consider getting: 

  • Rain showerheads. Who doesn’t like standing in the rain every once in a while? What if that could be an everyday thing––except instead of cold water, it’s warm and refreshing? Rain showerheads make that possible.
  • A bidet. Bidets eliminate the need for using toilet paper. Many are even add-ons to already-installed toilets, so one doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one.
  • A new bathtub. Over time, bathtubs can get dirty and are a pain to clean. Some can even rust. A homeowner should consider getting a porcelain tub; these are easy to clean and can last decades. 

Hiring a Professional 

It’s tempting to install new plumbing fixtures without professional help. After all, there are countless videos online. Yet, homeowners should work with professionals instead of trying to install fixtures themselves. That’s because: 

  • Amateur installations could violate county ordinances and codes
  • Some repairs come with serious safety hazards
  • A homeowner risks damaging their home while making repairs

It’s worth mentioning that a homeowner could come into contact with toxic substances, like black mold, while installing new plumbing fixtures. If inhaled, this could cause various concerns, from respiratory ailments to cancer. 

A professional knows how to do the job without endangering the home or their health. 

About A&A Plumbing 

More than ten years of experience. Countless five-star reviews. Licensed and insured professionals. These are just some of the many things the San Antonio, Texas residents have come to expect from A&A Plumbing. To ring in the new year, homeowners should consider upgrading their plumbing fixtures. They should also schedule their annual maintenance checks to avoid any problems. For more information, one can call A&A Plumbing to learn more.

New Plumbing Tips to Keep In Mind This Coming New Year!

Plumbing Tips to Start the New Year Right

With 2020 just around the corner, it is time to reflect back on the 2019 and think about things you want to change. There are always new adventures and new goals that are just waiting to be explored.

While you can always plan to hit the gym more often, eat healthier, and plan that next big trip, there are some easy wins you can have right at home with your own plumbing system. With the new year approaching, it’s the perfect time to share some plumbing tips that you can use to prevent major problems from occurring.

Address Leaks - Save Water and Money

saving waterThere is so much water that is wasted on a daily basis that can easily be preventable. One thing that homeowners can do is to keep an eye out for any possible leaks. A leak can waste as much as ten gallons of water a day.

The first indication that something could be off will come in the form of your water bill. If you notice that it is much higher, there’s a good chance you have a leak in your plumbing. Another way to save water is to swap out an old toilet for a new model.

Older models tend to use 3.5 gallons of water whereas new models use a little under 1.5 gallons of water. You can also save water by turning your showerhead to a low-flow model so that you are not using more water than you need. Shortening your time in the shower on low-flow speed can drastically reduce the amount of water that you are using.

Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Pipe Materials

It is never a bad idea to consider going green when it comes to your piping. Using polyethylene and polypropylene plastic pipes are less toxic than PVC. Another way to take care of your pipes is to wrap them up. Hot and cold water pipes should be insulated as much as possible. Pipe insulation is easy to install and comes at a relatively cheap price.

eco friendly pipe materials

Foam pipe insulators can cut heat loss by 80% while keeping cold pipes from sweating. They also have the ability to increase water temperatures by at least four degrees, which allows you to set your water heater on a more energy-efficient setting.

Enjoy Cleaner Water in Your Home

water filtersIt is important to keep your water filters as clean as possible. The building up of materials or contaminants can lead to corrosion and even bigger problems. To clean, homeowners should use warm water and not use harsh cleaning products.

Don’t forget to clean the water dispenser, line, and cap assembly as well. It is suggested that this be done every 1-2 weeks. Be sure to use newer water softeners as they are more efficient in how salt is used in the water.

Homeowners should also be constantly checking their filtration system by changing the filter often. If left alone, it can become clogged. The lifespan on a water filter cartridge can be measured in months or gallons. Know the expiration date and keep up with it.

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Enjoy Black Friday This Year! Not Black, Corroded Pipes

Why You Should be Concerned With Corroded Pipes

Black Friday is a day full of shopping excitement, no matter if that means staying up late after Thanksgiving dinner or getting up in the predawn hours to line up for the best deals. However, this shopping season, homeowners should make sure that they don’t forget their plumbing systems too. While it’s out of sight, it can easily cause some major issues for your home that can easily chew through your shopping budget as well!

Copper Pipes Deteriorate With Age

cooper corrosionHomeowners who notice that their copper pipes are starting to change color should make sure to contact a local San Antonio plumbing company as soon as possible. Black copper pipes are actually an indication of high levels of sulfur or other dangerous chemicals in the air around the corroded pipes, including potential sewer gas.

Black copper pipes could also be caused by the pipe system being exposed to non-compatible metals like galvanized steel. In the worst-case scenario, copper pipes that have turned black is a sign that the original homeowners installed pipes that contained a large number of impurities.

These impurities ultimately show themselves in the form of black, corroded pipes. Water from corroded pipes can also be a potential health hazard, so homeowners should take black pipes very seriously and contact a plumbing company as soon as black pipes are first spotted.

Corroded Pipes Or Corroded Water Heater?

In addition to black, corroded pipes, noticing black specks in the water is an indication that the water heater may be starting to corrode as well. This is especially likely if the black specks are prevalent when the hot water is turned on in the bathroom, which is noticeable even after all the water has drained out of the bathtub or sink. Homeowners that notice black specks should check their home for corroded pipes, and call a local plumbing professional to come evaluate and service their water heater.

corroded water heater

In some cases, the problem can be fixed with servicing. However, in many cases, a corroded water heater will need to be completely replaced to be safe for the home. Often, corroded water heaters are just simply at the end of their life span. Plumbing professionals can help homeowners make the best decision for each individual case, as well as helping to keep future water heaters running at their best.

Stop Pipe Corrosion With Pipe Cleaning

pipe cleaningWhen the pipes in the home are corroded or the water from the pipes is coming out black, everyone living in the home is subject to some potentially dangerous complications. Blackwater can indicate more than just corroded pipes.

It is also host to various bacteria that can wreak havoc on the digestive system, like campylobacteriosis and e-coli. Some of these bacteria can even have deadly consequences, especially on household members with weakened immune systems like the very young, elderly, and people suffering from chronic illness.

In worst-case scenarios, black water may contain biological toxins like human feces. Homeowners shouldn’t ignore black water and should contact a local plumbing company immediately for help identifying and fixing a potentially deadly issue that goes far beyond simple, corroded pipes.

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