Is a Maintenance Plan Worth the Cost?

Reasons Everyone Needs a Maintenance Plan

There are a lot of unexpected costs that come with owning a home. Whether they are costs for repairs or high utility bills, there is always some problem demanding more money to be fixed. It can be enough to make even the bravest homeowner wonder if it is all worth it. For homeowners that are tired of getting battered by an endless barrage of costs, there are more creative ways to lower the costs of homeownership. Contractors aren't out just to get money from unsuspecting customers. In most cases, they are caring individuals that want their customers to thrive. 

This month, take a moment to learn about a service that professionals design specifically to save homeowners money. Maintenance membership plans allow professionals to do the opportunity to perform maintenance so that bills stay lower for their customers. Read on to learn more!

What Is Included in a Maintenance Membership Plan?

Maintenance membership plans are programs that professionals design to help homeowners maximize their home maintenance dollars. When homeowners join the plan, they pay a small, flat monthly fee in exchange for the program's benefits. The monthly fee entitles the homeowners to a certain number of professional visits per year, usually two. 

During the maintenance visit, plumbers will pay special attention to anything that may cause a premature failure of plumbing fixtures or anything that inadvertently costs extra money. 

Never Neglect Maintenance Againcalendar

Maintenance is one of the most neglected aspects of homeownership, which is unfortunate since a professional inspection could prevent most plumbing failures. The benefit of paying a flat monthly fee is that it usually saves money by preventing emergencies from happening down the road. While the value of maintenance cannot be understated, even if plumbers find some deficiency, they can correct it without having to shut off water service to a home and charge overtime rates. 
During a maintenance visit, plumbers will perform services like:

  • Water heater maintenance
  • Sewer line inspection
  • Leak tests on fixtures and toilets
  • Verify water pressure 
  • Routine drain cleaning

By allowing the professionals to do their work, unexpected repairs will likely disappear. Homeowners can quickly see the benefits with more reliable water and drain service and lower operating costs on their home's plumbing

plumber Extra Benefits of Signing Up for a Maintenance Membership Plan

Membership in a maintenance plan usually has some fringe benefits as well. Becoming a member entitles homeowners to priority service over non-member customers. This means that most repairs can be completed on the same day. 

Along with priority service, members generally enjoy discounts when problems do arise. Often this alone makes the membership worth the cost. Imagine being responded to quickly and it not costing as much! 

The final benefit of membership maintenance plans is peace of mind. Too often, homeowners have plumbing problems hanging over their heads. By becoming a member, homeowners can gain the confidence that their plumbing is being looked after by a professional. 

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