Reasons to Add a Sump Pump to the Holiday Wishlist

Sump Pump Installation Should Be #1 on Homeowners’ Wishlists 

Having a sump pump can mean the difference between a flooded basement and business as usual. These underground appliances gather moisture and rainwater from the soil around the basement and route it into a tank. Then, when the tank gathers enough water, the sump pump directs water away from the home, sometimes into a retention pond, other times out a gutter. 

A solid sump pump should last about 10 years. However, homeowners should consider sump pump replacement even sooner based on its wear and tear. To determine what appliance works best, a sump pump service provider can evaluate a house’s plumbing needs and repairs. 

Why Should Homeowners Consider Installing a Sump Pump? 

A flooded basement is more than still, standing water. It’s broken appliances and a compromised foundation. It’s drywall damage. It can even be thousands of dollars in repairs––and that’s just the beginning. Sump pumps prevent flooding. For many homeowners, it’s a safety net. 

The main reasons to install a sump pump include: 

  • It protects the home’s foundation against water damage, pressure, and flooding
  • It reduces the likelihood of property damage
  • It protects the home from infestation, like termites
  • It increases the home’s property value
  • It protects the home against mold and mildew

Sump pumps also reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes. By routing water away from the home, residents minimize the risk of standing water freezing inside pipes. 

Different Sump Pumps, Same Function pumps

In general, there are three different types of sump pumps
  • Pedestal sump pumps: These appliances are usually the cheapest to buy and the most common to have. The motor is located on the top, making it easily accessible to repairmen and more efficient. The only drawback is that these sump pumps risk overheating, 
  • Submersible sump pumps: Homeowners place these sump pumps underwater. While these pumps are initially pricey to install, they prove to be extremely efficient over time. They also don’t run the risk of overheating. 
  • Combination sump pumps: These appliances are relatively new on today’s market. It’s a combination of an above-water sump pump and an underwater one. Some plumbers recommend these for areas with intense rainy seasons and flooding. 

A homeowner should speak with a sump pump service professional to learn what appliance meets their needs. 

Homeowners Should Consider Getting Secondary or Backup Sump Pumps pump

There’s some real truth in the adage: “The more, the merrier!” This is especially true for appliances. A stalled sump pump could mean a flooded basement if a system stops working or inclement weather knocks the power out. Homeowners may consider purchasing a battery-operated sump pump because: 

  • They can last years without “dying” 
  • They work even when the power goes out
  • Some models are cheaper than traditional sump pump systems

Battery-operated models range anywhere from $600 to $1,600 each. While it might seem like a lot, it’s a solid investment. 

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