All About Trenchless Pipe Repairs

What Are Trenchless Pipe Repairs, and Why Are They Important?

Trenchless repairs are common sewer line repairs that are minimally invasive. For areas that are hard to reach, a trenchless pipe repair is fast, convenient, and quick. There are different ways to use a trenchless pipe repair efficiently, though. 

For example, some plumbing experts create solutions and pipe repairs while creating a trench around the pipes. Some products work by tightening around the pipe as a quick and temporary repair. Homeowners should leave large pipe repairs to experts as they have more experience. 

pipeHow to Repair a Trenchless Pipe

Using a trenchless pipe repair has never been easier. Although this method has been around since the early 1970s, it has changed a lot. No longer are plumbing experts and contractors digging up yards and creating messes. Instead, of using a construction permit and a small camera, professionals can easily use trenchless pipe repairs.

For pipe bursting, experts work hard to add a high-density polyethylene pipe over the sewer line. The great thing about a high-density pipe is that these pipes last about 50 years, sometimes even longer! Slip lining is another common repair method that works by slipping in a smaller pipe with a larger material. This repair method is only for pipes added before the 1940s. The water flow is strictly restricted once this pipe is added.

The most popular trenchless pipe repair method is the Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) method. This method uses epoxy resin and an absorbent tube to create a new pipe on the spot around the older broken pipe. It does take time to cure but is a strong material once complete.

Common Problems Caused by Broken Pipes

There are a lot of problems that cause a broken pipe that a trenchless pipe repair can fix. For example, the most common problem is rust or corrosion. Over time, and because of acid and mineral buildup, pipes rust and break apart. When this occurs, plumbing experts can use their knowledge and tools to repair it with a trenchless pipe repair.

Usually, as trees grow, the roots and the bark can snap through the pipes, causing large holes and tears. For quick repair and to minimize damage and the foul odor produced by sewer lines, call a trenchless sewer line repair specialist as soon as possible. 

This type of repair is also flexible. Sewer line pipes can be any material, including clay, lead, plastic, and cast iron. This minimally invasive repair method makes cracks in these materials easily repairable.

What Are the Positives of Trenchless Pipe Repairs?save

When repairing or replacing a pipe with a trenchless method, homeowners should know the benefits. For starters, trenchless repairs remove the need for expensive and damaging excavations. That means there won’t be a need to replace landscaping in addition to plumbing, helping homeowners save money. 

Similarly, by addressing the specific cause of the problem, homeowners will enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re getting a long-lasting and effective fix. Of course, it’s always best to work with a professional plumbing company to determine whether or not the method is right for the home. 

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