It's Time To Replace That Old Water Heater

3 Reasons It's Time To Replace the Old Water Heater

It is hard to understand when a water heater is past its prime. However, there are three simple rules to follow: age, leaks, and overall effectiveness. When a water heater no longer works, it can increase monthly bills and water damage. It is best to perform preventative maintenance through a water heater service to avoid this.

1. The Water Heater Is Too Old

Homeowners need to remember and keep their paperwork with them regarding their old water heaters. Most of the time, when these large and older models start to age, they break down and crack.

It eventually becomes easier to replace the water heater, especially after 10 years. However, different models have different guarantees. For example, some homeowners have found that electric water heaters have a shorter lifespan than traditional water heaters. These can live up to 8 years.

Electric water heaters risk damaging electrical outlets and appliances as they start to wear down. This is likely why they begin to show their age at eight years old. It is best to check the manufacturing date and any warranties if applicable.

2. The Water Heater Is Leakingwater heater

Is there water in places that water should not be? If this is true, it is likely because of a water heater leak. There are many simple reasons that a water heater starts to leak! However, homeowners should immediately call in for a water heater replacement if they notice a water heater leak.

The most common reason is a crack inside or outside the water heater. These large cracks can easily let water seep out and start to leak. Homeowners can find the area by looking for condensation and water drops on their water heater.

Another common reason the water heater is leaking is because of a buildup of calcium and minerals inside the heater. Sometimes, a large buildup damages the inside and forces pressure to try and release.

water heater 3. The Water Heater Refuses To Work

Sometimes water heaters are not leaking water, but they do not work efficiently anymore! The cause depends on the severity of the water heater's condition and age. If a homeowner's water heater is still young and under warranty, they should call a water heater installer. However, it depends on the type of heating system. There are also gas water heater services.

Usually, if these systems stop working, though, a broken heating element or improperly sized tank can affect the water heater's ability to work efficiently.

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