Repiping: When It Is Necessary

Signs That Home Needs Repiping Services

A home plumbing system cannot last forever, but the decision to repipe is never easy. It can be expensive and invasive, but repiping a house may be necessary. There may be times when a homeowner can do one part of their home at a time, and there are also ways to perform repiping minimally invasively. Suppose a homeowner wants more information on methods. In that case, they should contact a reputable plumbing company, but if they are interested in signs that indicate a need to repipe, they should read on.

The Pipes Are Falling Apart: Leaks and Constant Need for Repair

Repiping a house may seem like an extreme measure, which it undoubtedly is, but it can make daily living much more convenient if a household encounters certain problems with its plumbing system. A leaking pipe may be an isolated incident. Still, if a house has to have several leaking pipes repaired over a fairly short period (say months) then it is probably time to consider replacing the pipes. This constant need for repair means that pipes are losing their ability to function properly and cannot be considered reliable. Replacing the pipes can save money by remedying the cause of constant repairs and can lower water bills due to the lack of leaks.

Water Pressure Problems

Low water pressure can plague a home for many reasons. Some of them have more to do with the water supply than the home’s piping, but there are usually solutions. If the pump fails, a home that gets its water supply from a well can have water pressure issues. People with municipal water are likely to get consistent service unless there is a problem with their pipes. Reasons for low water pressure can include the following:

  • Leaking Pipes: A supply line leak can lower the home's water pressure. A leak near a faucet can cause issues for that particular outlet.
  • Hard Water Scale: A buildup of hard water deposits, called scale, can inhibit the water flow just as cholesterol in the arteries inhibits blood flow.
  • Pipe Corrosion: Pipes that have begun to corrode can fill up with flakes of rust and are also prone to leaks. 

These are the three major reasons for low water pressure, and it is easy to see why repiping might be necessary in each case.

A Change in Water Color or Smell


Another issue that indicates a need for repiping is a change in the color or smell of a home's water. If it has always smelled sulfurous, then there is likely not a problem, but if it begins to smell sulfurous with no explanation, then there may be an issue. Pipe corrosion can be a big part of this problem. Pipe corrosion can cause:

  • A metallic smell or taste
  • A rusty color
  • Yellowish water
  • Brownish water

Homeowners should call a plumbing professional to check their pipes if any of these symptoms occur suddenly.

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