Celebrate Mom With the Gift of Relaxation On Mother's Day!

Turn Any Bathroom Into a Spa for Mom In Time for Mother’s Day

Being a mom takes a lot of work. What better way to celebrate mom than bring the spa home to her? The great thing about making bathroom changes to create mom’s spa day is that the changes last all year! That means that mom can relax in her spa any time she needs it, and she’ll remember how loved she is every time she enjoys the home spa. 

Is the family looking to find a place to start for the Mother’s Day spa gifts? Look no further! Read on to discover easy steps to make any home’s bathroom into a zen retreat that celebrates mom 365 days a year. 

Dazzle With Upgraded Showerheadsshower

There’s nothing more relaxing than a steamy shower and soothing music. Upgrading the showerhead is a budget-friendly way to create a more spa-like environment in the bathroom, and there are many options to choose from. 
  • Two-In-One: Two-in-one showerhead models come with a handheld showerhead and an in-the-wall mounted showerhead. 
  • Rain Showerhead: Rain showerheads make a shower into a relaxing experience right out of a rainforest. Rain showers drizzle water just like a gentle rainstorm, creating a soothing ambiance perfect for a day of unwinding. 
  • Speaker Showerhead: Is mom a music lover? Treat her to a musical experience in the shower with a speaker-built-in showerhead. These showerheads connect to the radio or Bluetooth to provide all the music mom could need while enjoying her new shower.
  • Multi-Setting Showerhead: Multi-setting showerheads may come as a two-in-one or even with a speaker, but their main benefit is the ability to switch the stream of water. Functions range from a rain shower to a massage setting that will wipe away the stress of the day.

Throw in a few shower bombs, essential oils, and a new loofah to complete mom’s shower spa experience.

Surprise With A Few Creative Changes

A dated bathroom can quickly become a zen retreat with a few simple changes. 

  • Upgrade the Sinks: A dated sink quickly becomes a spa fountain by installing a new stainless steel faucet or a unique sink bowl. Consider adding a pedestal sink or putting in an artistic vessel bowl to feed the spa-vibe in the bathroom. 
  • Install New Tile: One of the best ways to create a relaxing bathroom is upgrading the tile. Instead of plain old white tile, install a backsplash of soothing blue and green tiles over the sink or alongside the shower and bathtub. A few feet of tile can make a world of difference in even the smallest bathroom. 
  • Add Some Accessories: Families looking for easy, quick ways to change the mood of a bathroom should consider the bathroom accessories. Installing new shower bars, some shelves, or adding fresh towels to the bathroom improves its overall appeal. Simple changes like more storage and functional accessories reduce the clutter in a bathroom and make the bathroom stress-free for mom. 


Impress and Improve the Mood With Smart Lighting

Bathroom lighting tends to be harsh and bright. While candles are all well and good and certainly add to the relaxing feel of a spa experience, there are more practical ways to improve the lighting and mood without messing with matches or lighters. 

Consider installing adjustable smart lighting in the bathroom. Smart lighting frequently comes with options to lower or soften the quality of light in the bathroom; some even come with colorful variations. Dimmer switches and ambient lighting installation can turn a cramped, overly bright bathroom into a cozy, relaxing space with a flick of a switch. 

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