Enjoy Black Friday This Year! Not Black, Corroded Pipes

Why You Should be Concerned With Corroded Pipes

Black Friday is a day full of shopping excitement, no matter if that means staying up late after Thanksgiving dinner or getting up in the predawn hours to line up for the best deals. However, this shopping season, homeowners should make sure that they don’t forget their plumbing systems too. While it’s out of sight, it can easily cause some major issues for your home that can easily chew through your shopping budget as well!

Copper Pipes Deteriorate With Age

cooper corrosionHomeowners who notice that their copper pipes are starting to change color should make sure to contact a local San Antonio plumbing company as soon as possible. Black copper pipes are actually an indication of high levels of sulfur or other dangerous chemicals in the air around the corroded pipes, including potential sewer gas.

Black copper pipes could also be caused by the pipe system being exposed to non-compatible metals like galvanized steel. In the worst-case scenario, copper pipes that have turned black is a sign that the original homeowners installed pipes that contained a large number of impurities.

These impurities ultimately show themselves in the form of black, corroded pipes. Water from corroded pipes can also be a potential health hazard, so homeowners should take black pipes very seriously and contact a plumbing company as soon as black pipes are first spotted.

Corroded Pipes Or Corroded Water Heater?

In addition to black, corroded pipes, noticing black specks in the water is an indication that the water heater may be starting to corrode as well. This is especially likely if the black specks are prevalent when the hot water is turned on in the bathroom, which is noticeable even after all the water has drained out of the bathtub or sink. Homeowners that notice black specks should check their home for corroded pipes, and call a local plumbing professional to come evaluate and service their water heater.

corroded water heater

In some cases, the problem can be fixed with servicing. However, in many cases, a corroded water heater will need to be completely replaced to be safe for the home. Often, corroded water heaters are just simply at the end of their life span. Plumbing professionals can help homeowners make the best decision for each individual case, as well as helping to keep future water heaters running at their best.

Stop Pipe Corrosion With Pipe Cleaning

pipe cleaningWhen the pipes in the home are corroded or the water from the pipes is coming out black, everyone living in the home is subject to some potentially dangerous complications. Blackwater can indicate more than just corroded pipes.

It is also host to various bacteria that can wreak havoc on the digestive system, like campylobacteriosis and e-coli. Some of these bacteria can even have deadly consequences, especially on household members with weakened immune systems like the very young, elderly, and people suffering from chronic illness.

In worst-case scenarios, black water may contain biological toxins like human feces. Homeowners shouldn’t ignore black water and should contact a local plumbing company immediately for help identifying and fixing a potentially deadly issue that goes far beyond simple, corroded pipes.

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