Tips for Finding a Reliable Plumbing Company During the Holidays

Rely on a Good Plumbing Company To Be There for You, Even on Holidays

Despite a homeowner's best efforts, many plumbing issues don't care what time of day it is, even during the holidays. Guests and more time at home can stress a plumbing system and make problems dramatically apparent, especially during winter when there's the possibility of pipe freeze. It's good, then, to find a plumbing company ready to help regardless of the season. However, there are also other things every homeowner should look for in a good plumbing company.

Check That They're Licensed and Insured


It may sound like a formality, but licensed and insured plumbers allow homeowners to rest easy knowing that they're legitimate and covered if something happens. All but six states require plumbers to be licensed locally for the work they do. In many areas, different types of plumbing work require different licenses. This is because plumbers play a large role in the care and upkeep of the water supply and system. 

A poorly-trained plumber can come into a home and make things worse or even cause widespread contamination of a local water supply. And if they're not insured, the homeowner may have to foot the bill. No one wants to deal with that, so ensuring that a plumber is licensed and insured to use their skills and tools is essential. 

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews from a reputable third-party like Google or Facebook can tell homeowners a lot about the quality of work a plumber does. There is a reason that people trust online reviews almost as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends: they're from real people who have worked with the plumbing company before. 

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A good overall rating can indicate professionalism, great customer service, and good workmanship. A poor overall rating should be a red flag for any homeowner. But homeowners should always read the details of the reviews to make sure they get the whole story. 

Ask if They Offer a Service Membership

Plumbing companies that offer a service membership are in it for the long haul. They rely on repeat customers and interactions to keep their business going. And they generally offer these memberships at a discount to save their customers money. They usually offer yearly maintenance plans that can help homeowners save money and keep their systems healthy with regular inspections, cleaning, and diagnoses. 

If a plumbing company offers service on weekends and holidays, is licensed and insured, has good online reviews, and offers a service membership, they are a good choice for any homeowner's plumbing needs. 

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