FAQs for Dealing with Slab Leaks

What is a Slab Leak? 

In most homes in the area, the foundation is a large block of concrete called a ‘slab.’ The materials that make up a home weigh a lot, not to mention the weight of the belongings inside a home. That means the home should be thoroughly supported to carry the weight of the building materials and everything inside a finished home. Engineers have figured out that monolithic concrete slabs are the best way to carry the load. 

The main problem with building a home on a poured slab is that the most effective way to route utilities around the home is to bury them in the ground before the slab is poured. Once the pipes are underground and cased in concrete, they are relatively safe. However, accessing these pipes when slab leaks arise can be a tricky problem. 

How to Spot the Signs of Slab Leaks 

leakSince pipes are encased in concrete, their leaks can be particularly tricky to spot. Water will likely pop up anywhere because it has limited options to relieve the building pressure. However, there are always signs of slab leaks, allowing homeowners to recognize the problem and respond quickly. Here are the most common signs of slab leaks. 

  • Hissing or gurgling noises with an undetermined source
  • High water bills
  • Clean water leaking out along the edge of a foundation
  • Wet or moist floors
  • Mold problems or associated odors

Responding to slab leaks at the first sign of trouble is important to minimizing damage. Read on to learn the dangers that slab leaks pose. 

Common Dangers of Slab Leaks 

Slab leaks are dangerous because they affect the very foundation of a home. This can lead to all sorts of very expensive problems. In the worst case, water can undermine soil from underneath the slab. This can lead to voids where the concrete has no support. Without repairs, the slab can crack and fail. 

Less serious cases can involve several scenarios that are still pretty serious. The excess moisture can bolster mold growth and damage walls and flooring if water absorbs upwards through the slab. Apart from the repair process, mold remediation will need to be contracted, and floors and walls replaced. 

How Do Professionals Deal with Slab Leaks 

leakFinding the right professionals to deal with slab leaks can be the difference between a quick repair and a major upset. Experts jackhammer the slab out of the way to access piping and dig away soil to expose the pipe. Repairs will be made then the pipe will be reburied in sand before more concrete is poured. Because these repairs are invasive, finding a plumbing contractor with experience is important. 

The right plumbing contractor will advertise their expertise in slab leaks. They often will have specialized tools for pinpointing the source of leaks before they start jackhammering the slab. This makes them more accurate, so they will minimize the secondary repairs that must be made after repairing the pipe. 

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The Best Methods for Dealing With Clogged Sinks

Say Goodbye to Drain Clogs 

Nothing like a clogged drain can ruin a nice dinner or a hot shower. Instead of cleaning up after a delicious meal so everyone can relax or unwind after a long day, people are met with a nasty mess, meaning they should make repairs before continuing their plans. 

Clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom sinks can ruin anyone’s day, and unfortunately, they are common plumbing problems. There are three main ways of dealing with clogged drains, and homeowners should be familiar with each to maximize their chances of having reliable, headache-free plumbing. Here are some strategies homeowners can use to prevent drain clogs and deal with them easily as they arise. 

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance From Professionals 

The best way to deal with a clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom is to call a professional drain-cleaning plumber. These experts have the necessary equipment and expertise to completely clean drains fast and effectively. Sure, DIY solutions can have some good effect, but there is no better solution than to trust an expert. 

Along with professional drain cleaning to deal with a drain clog, most drain cleaning experts also provide preventative drain cleaning and maintenance to unclog a drain that hasn’t completely backed up yet. By scheduling professional drain cleaning periodically, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of never having to deal with a drain clog.   

Always Use Drain Screens 

drain screenThe main cause of clogged drains is somewhat obvious. Debris allowed to flow into the drain tends to collect in portions of drain pipes where it can combine with other debris to make a nasty clog. In light of this, the best way to prevent clogged drains is to keep debris out of the drain system altogether. 

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, sinks are equipped to deal with materials that could clog drains, and one can use special devices for further protection. In the kitchen, drain screens help catch food scraps and should be employed constantly to keep food waste out of drain piping. In the bathroom, one can use hair-catching drain screens to great effect in sink and tub drains to keep all hair from forming nasty clogs in drains. 

Properly Deal With Food Waste and Grease 

The kitchen drain is expected to deal with copious amounts of food waste and grease, but this wasn’t how they were intended to be used. Instead, homeowners should change some habits to ensure they never have to deal with nasty clogged sinks in the kitchen again. 

All food scraps should be discarded in the trash, even if a garbage disposal is present. A garbage disposal is intended only to deal with incidental food that gets in the sink. One should put vegetable peels in the trash and scrape plates into the garbage before placing them in the sink. Additionally, one should put all grease in the trash since it can harden as it cools inside drain pipes, causing a stubborn clog. 

About A&A Plumbing

A&A Plumbing offers personal attention for plumbing problems, especially clogged drains. Where others might fail, A&A Plumbing promises to keep every home clean despite dealing with messes from drain clogs. Call today for comprehensive plumbing service from start to finish in San Antonio, TX.