Plumbing Services That Can Help Homeowners Conserve Water This Earth Day!

Professional Plumbing Services for Water Conservation

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and for homeowners looking to improve their sustainability, water conservation is a great place to start! Homeowners can limit their water waste in several different ways. One of the best options is to hire professional plumbing services.

Plumbing systems are a significant source of water usage in most homes. Many times, problematic or obsolete plumbing fixtures may lead to unnecessary water usage. Inspections of or updates to these systems can drastically decrease water consumption.

Plumbing System Assessments

Homeowners can conserve water by getting basic plumbing inspections to ensure their plumbing systems are running properly and efficiently. Typical inspections involve system assessments in various areas where water runs through the house:

  • Inside – faucets, lines, pipes, sinks, toilets, tubs, water heaters, other
  • Outside – hydrants, pipes, other

Each fixture may also undergo specific testing. For example, one may check toilets for adequate water levels and proper valve functioning. Routine inspections will help water conservation efforts by catching leaks, clogs, or damages that may be contributing to excess water usage. Inspections are typically recommended for homeowners every two years.


Leak Detection and Repair

Homeowners can conserve water by hiring professionals for leak detection and repair. Leaks can occur in all different areas, such as pipes, couplings, and faucets. While certain leaks present obvious symptoms, others are not as easily detected. Professionals can use various techniques to find leaks, including:

  • Meter testing – uses a tool to measure the water pressure of one pipe versus the healthy “standard” to determine if there is an issue
  • Infrared camera – uses a specialized camera to take pictures of potential damage at various angles
  • Dig and drill – exposes the damaged pipe (invasive)

Detection requires very specialized tools, hence why it requires professional expertise. If a leak is confirmed, professional plumbers can determine a repair plan based on the specific location and severity. Of course, since leaks cause unnecessary water waste, repairs will greatly improve water conservation.

Toilet Repair and Installationtoilet

Homeowners can also conserve water by seeking professional help for toilet repairs related to leaks or clogs. Toilet leaks are typically detectable either through sound or through a DIY dye test. Old or faulty valve seals are usually the culprits. Homeowners may also require toilet repairs for clogs, which are often caused either by a natural buildup of waste (e.g., toilet paper, large paper towels) or by foreign objects that accidentally get flushed down the toilet (e.g., children’s toys).

In addition to repair, toilet replacement and installation can greatly contribute to water conservation, particularly if homeowners choose water-conserving toilets. Some common model types include:

  • Dual-Flush
  • Gravity-Assisted
  • Pressure-Assisted
  • Vacuum-Assisted

While each of these models differs in structure and cost, all of them achieve the same goal: allowing homeowners to conserve water in the long term.

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