Can a Plumbing Problem Cause Home Flooding?

The Dangers of Plumbing Issues and Home Flooding

Winter is long gone, so it’s easy to think that your plumbing worries are behind you. You no longer have to worry about pipes freezing and bursting as spring blooms. However, April showers can also affect your plumbing in different ways and, in some cases, can lead to home flooding.

While it can be hard to tell whether heavy spring rains are having an adverse effect on your plumbing, there are some signs to look out for. Dealing with a small crack in an underground pipe is cheaper and easier than dealing with water damage caused by a broken pipe flooding your home. This article discusses how heavy rain can damage your plumbing, and what to do to prevent your home from flooding.

Heavy Rains Can Increase Pressure in Your System

heavy rainsSpring means heavy rains for many regions around the country. It’s often a pleasant and refreshing experience, but it can also put too much pressure on your underground pipes. Since much of the rain gets absorbed by the ground on your property, it can put a strain on your pipes, causing cracks, breaks, and backups - all of which can lead to flooding.

One thing you can do to keep water pressure in check is to install a sump pump in your home. These systems work by removing excess water from around your home, protecting you from flooding and water damage.

Additionally, that same water pressure can cause backflow, which is an emergency onto itself. Be sure you have some type of device installed in your home to protect your plumbing.

Underground Conditions Can Affect Pipe Health

When the ground soaks up lots of water, the dirt, sand, and rocks can turn to mud. Since the water is putting more weight into the ground than your underground pipes may be used to, it may cause them to break or crack. It can also cause shifting underground. Even a little bit of movement around underground pipes can be too much, and cause a slab leak.


To begin with, fixing a slab leak is no easy task, and additionally, if underground pipes are cracked, dirt and material can work their way into them. This causes backups and blockages that can flood your basement or any area under your house.

The Dangers of Foundation Shifts

homes cracksHeavy spring rains can also cause your home’s foundation to shift. With so much rainwater flowing underground the structure of the ground itself can change and move slightly, causing damage and uneven movement to the foundation.

If the foundation moves but the underground pipes don’t, it can cause them to break and flood, causing further damage to your home. You can usually tell if your foundation is shifting by looking for new cracks in your walls and ceilings. Even small cracks in the wall can be an indication that your foundation is in trouble.

What to Do About It

The best thing you can do to avoid plumbing issues and to help keep your house from flooding is to regularly get your plumbing checked. Professional plumbers know the warning signs that your pipes are weak or getting old. If you’ve been having issues with your water pressure, drainage, or leaks, the best course of action is to get them fixed before the heavy rains of spring hit.

You can also do a little bit of research or talk to a plumber to see if the ground in your area is more or less susceptible to retaining rainwater and causing plumbing problems.

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