Ring in the New Year With a New Bathroom!

New Year, New Bathroom: Professional Bathroom Remodeling for 2021

The new year is a time for a fresh start. When deciding on New Year's resolutions for 2021, homeowners should consider resolving to freshen up the bathroom as well as the usual resolutions. There are many options to bring a new life to the bathroom, from sinks to showers and beyond. Remodeling a bathroom alone can be a scary thought, but with the help of a great plumbing company, bathroom remodeling can be a fun way to bring some home-based change to the new year. 

Upgrade the Sinks


The bathroom sink gets used several times a day. Without them, handwashing and toothbrushing would simply be impossible. Consider giving the bathroom a bright new look by investing in a new sink.

There are dozens of sink styles and types, all with distinctive features and benefits to choose from:

  • Drop Sinks: Drop sinks are built seamlessly into the countertop of the sink. They are easy to clean and blend in with the counter to create a clean, precise look. 
  • Floating Faucets: Floating faucets are anchored to the wall to create a "floating illusion." The faucets are elevated away from the vanity, creating more room along with the vanity for toothbrushes, soap, etc. They are often paired with drop sinks for easy cleaning. 
  • Double Sinks: Everyone knows that the rush to get ready in the morning alongside family can be a pain. Consider having a double sink and vanity installed to increase value in the home and make getting ready with others easier. Keep in mind this upgrade will require more space, and may not work in smaller bathrooms.
  • Pedestal: For smaller bathrooms, purchasing a pedestal sink stand is one way to increase space. These sinks add elegance to bathrooms. The vintage set up, however, does usually come without under-sink cupboards, so consider storage needs when shopping for the sink of choice.
  • Brushed Metal Faucets: When upgrading sink faucets, it pays to splurge on brushed metal materials. Brushed metal is less likely to show water stains and is easier to clean than traditional faucet materials. 


Upgrade the Toilets

The toilet gets used more often than most homeowners would care to admit. Toilet replacement is a daunting prospect, and most homeowners aren't sure when exactly a replacement is needed or what models to consider replacing the old toilet with. 

Toilets can last for quite a while, but when they've reached the 25-year mark, it's time to start considering replacement. If the toilet is frequently leaking, constantly needs to be repaired, or has become cracked along the basin or tank, a replacement is inevitable. It's important to have a plumber do the replacement if homeowners are uncomfortable lifting the heavy porcelain or working with sewage and bacteria

In terms of upgrades, upgraded toilets bring additional comfort, efficiency, and style to the bathroom. There are several models to choose from on the market, but there are three key features to consider when considering a new toilet.

These features are:

  • Bowl Type: Most toilets come in one of two shapes: elongated (oval) or round. Round toilets take up less space and are great for small bathrooms, but elongated toilets are supposed to be more comfortable. 
  • Tank Type: Toilets can come as a one-piece with the tank connected as part of the entire toilet unit, as a two-piece with a tank that can be removed from the bowl, and as tankless. Tankless options tend to cost more, as they require different pipes and an electric pump to flush water and sewage, though they do take up less space. 
  • Size/Height: Toilets can be purchased based on a smaller footprint, ideal for smaller spaces, and based on height. Taller toilets tend to cost more, but they are more comfortable and easier for individuals with joint troubles. Regular toilets stand at about 15 inches tall, but comfort height toilets can be as tall as 19 inches. 


Upgrade the Showers and Tubs 

The shower and tub of the bathroom is a sanctuary. After a long day on the job, there is nothing better than soaking in a hot bath or enjoying a long shower. Upgrading the bath and shower is one way to invest in a truly comfortable home. 


There are several models of baths and showers that can bring extra style and upgrades to the bathroom. 

  • Soaking Tub: Soaking tubs are the epitome of relaxed luxury. Deeper than traditional tubs, these tubs can usually be installed using the existing plumbing of the bathroom. Consider adding a grab bar or steps to make accessing the deep tub easier. 
  • Jetted Tub: An upgraded version of the soaking tub, jetted tubs add the massaging water-jets of a hot tub with a soaking tub's deepness. They cost a bit more, but their massaging jets are worth it.
  • Walk-In Tub: For a bath experience easy on the joints, consider adding a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs work well in smaller bathroom setups and can pair with the existing shower. They're also an excellent investment for homes with individuals needing assistance with washing. 
  • Rain Shower Head: The rain showerhead compliments shower pumps perfectly. Water flows like fresh rainfall from the ceiling, creating a spa-like ambiance in the bathroom. Often these heads require a little more work to install, but they increase home value and comfort overall. 

Upgrading the bathroom with a plumbing professional can bring a whole new feel to the home for the New Year!

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