Give Summer Drinks Extra-Oomph With Filtered Water!

Why Every Home Benefits From a Water Filtration System

Drinking water in the U.S. is not as crystal clear as most people think. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates 80 known hazardous chemicals, including lead and arsenic, allowed to exist in small levels in drinking water. However, other harmful substances are cropping up in America’s drinking water, including “forever chemicals” that don’t break down under typical environmental conditions. Legal drinking water doesn’t necessarily mean healthy drinking water. 

The good news is, homeowners can take steps to provide cleaner, healthier drinking water in their home by installing a water filtration system - and reap extra benefits in addition to the filtering! 

Better Tasting Everything - Food and Drinkfilter

Among the chemicals that crop up in American drinking water are lead, chlorine, and copper. Do those sound appetizing? No. But whenever drinking water is used for cooking, making coffee, or baking a cake, those chemicals taint the flavor of the food. Cooks, for example, find themselves using more spices and sugar to get the flavor right in baked goods or meals. Filtered drinking water removes the chemicals and compounds, ruining the taste of food and drinks, bringing out the best tasting flavors food and drink can offer.

Protects Against Chemical Compromised Water

Many chemicals regulated by the EPA are known to cause bodily damage over long-term exposure. They are allowed to exist in drinking water because, in small doses, they are harmless. But after a lifetime of drinking compromised water, the body may develop illnesses or diseases from the hazards. 

Filtered drinking water has less risk of chronic exposure to harmful toxins, bacteria, algae, and diseases found in America’s drinking water. It keeps family and pets safe from the detrimental effects of contaminants.

Gives the Body a DAILY Detoxdrinking water

The human body consists of almost 60% water, and the human brain and heart are over 80% water. So, it stands to reason that consuming water is essential to human health. Most humans need 90 oz or more water a day to keep the lymph system and digestive tract processing toxins and waste correctly. But contaminated water tends to throw that out of whack and introduces more toxins into the body.

Some health gurus refer to too many toxins in the body as “high body toxicity.” The body removes toxins through the liver and kidney, providing enough fluids to keep the cycle going. However, drinking chemical ladened water does not make detoxing easier. Instead of just processing internal body toxins, the kidney and liver must process chemicals and toxins in the water, too!

A local plumbing expert can help a homeowner find the best water filtration system to suit their budget and situation. Don’t wait; start drinking cleaner water in time to enjoy summer!

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Celebrate Mom With the Gift of Relaxation On Mother's Day!

Turn Any Bathroom Into a Spa for Mom In Time for Mother’s Day

Being a mom takes a lot of work. What better way to celebrate mom than bring the spa home to her? The great thing about making bathroom changes to create mom’s spa day is that the changes last all year! That means that mom can relax in her spa any time she needs it, and she’ll remember how loved she is every time she enjoys the home spa. 

Is the family looking to find a place to start for the Mother’s Day spa gifts? Look no further! Read on to discover easy steps to make any home’s bathroom into a zen retreat that celebrates mom 365 days a year. 

Dazzle With Upgraded Showerheadsshower

There’s nothing more relaxing than a steamy shower and soothing music. Upgrading the showerhead is a budget-friendly way to create a more spa-like environment in the bathroom, and there are many options to choose from. 
  • Two-In-One: Two-in-one showerhead models come with a handheld showerhead and an in-the-wall mounted showerhead. 
  • Rain Showerhead: Rain showerheads make a shower into a relaxing experience right out of a rainforest. Rain showers drizzle water just like a gentle rainstorm, creating a soothing ambiance perfect for a day of unwinding. 
  • Speaker Showerhead: Is mom a music lover? Treat her to a musical experience in the shower with a speaker-built-in showerhead. These showerheads connect to the radio or Bluetooth to provide all the music mom could need while enjoying her new shower.
  • Multi-Setting Showerhead: Multi-setting showerheads may come as a two-in-one or even with a speaker, but their main benefit is the ability to switch the stream of water. Functions range from a rain shower to a massage setting that will wipe away the stress of the day.

Throw in a few shower bombs, essential oils, and a new loofah to complete mom’s shower spa experience.

Surprise With A Few Creative Changes

A dated bathroom can quickly become a zen retreat with a few simple changes. 

  • Upgrade the Sinks: A dated sink quickly becomes a spa fountain by installing a new stainless steel faucet or a unique sink bowl. Consider adding a pedestal sink or putting in an artistic vessel bowl to feed the spa-vibe in the bathroom. 
  • Install New Tile: One of the best ways to create a relaxing bathroom is upgrading the tile. Instead of plain old white tile, install a backsplash of soothing blue and green tiles over the sink or alongside the shower and bathtub. A few feet of tile can make a world of difference in even the smallest bathroom. 
  • Add Some Accessories: Families looking for easy, quick ways to change the mood of a bathroom should consider the bathroom accessories. Installing new shower bars, some shelves, or adding fresh towels to the bathroom improves its overall appeal. Simple changes like more storage and functional accessories reduce the clutter in a bathroom and make the bathroom stress-free for mom. 


Impress and Improve the Mood With Smart Lighting

Bathroom lighting tends to be harsh and bright. While candles are all well and good and certainly add to the relaxing feel of a spa experience, there are more practical ways to improve the lighting and mood without messing with matches or lighters. 

Consider installing adjustable smart lighting in the bathroom. Smart lighting frequently comes with options to lower or soften the quality of light in the bathroom; some even come with colorful variations. Dimmer switches and ambient lighting installation can turn a cramped, overly bright bathroom into a cozy, relaxing space with a flick of a switch. 

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Plumbing Services That Can Help Homeowners Conserve Water This Earth Day!

Professional Plumbing Services for Water Conservation

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and for homeowners looking to improve their sustainability, water conservation is a great place to start! Homeowners can limit their water waste in several different ways. One of the best options is to hire professional plumbing services.

Plumbing systems are a significant source of water usage in most homes. Many times, problematic or obsolete plumbing fixtures may lead to unnecessary water usage. Inspections of or updates to these systems can drastically decrease water consumption.

Plumbing System Assessments

Homeowners can conserve water by getting basic plumbing inspections to ensure their plumbing systems are running properly and efficiently. Typical inspections involve system assessments in various areas where water runs through the house:

  • Inside – faucets, lines, pipes, sinks, toilets, tubs, water heaters, other
  • Outside – hydrants, pipes, other

Each fixture may also undergo specific testing. For example, one may check toilets for adequate water levels and proper valve functioning. Routine inspections will help water conservation efforts by catching leaks, clogs, or damages that may be contributing to excess water usage. Inspections are typically recommended for homeowners every two years.


Leak Detection and Repair

Homeowners can conserve water by hiring professionals for leak detection and repair. Leaks can occur in all different areas, such as pipes, couplings, and faucets. While certain leaks present obvious symptoms, others are not as easily detected. Professionals can use various techniques to find leaks, including:

  • Meter testing – uses a tool to measure the water pressure of one pipe versus the healthy “standard” to determine if there is an issue
  • Infrared camera – uses a specialized camera to take pictures of potential damage at various angles
  • Dig and drill – exposes the damaged pipe (invasive)

Detection requires very specialized tools, hence why it requires professional expertise. If a leak is confirmed, professional plumbers can determine a repair plan based on the specific location and severity. Of course, since leaks cause unnecessary water waste, repairs will greatly improve water conservation.

Toilet Repair and Installationtoilet

Homeowners can also conserve water by seeking professional help for toilet repairs related to leaks or clogs. Toilet leaks are typically detectable either through sound or through a DIY dye test. Old or faulty valve seals are usually the culprits. Homeowners may also require toilet repairs for clogs, which are often caused either by a natural buildup of waste (e.g., toilet paper, large paper towels) or by foreign objects that accidentally get flushed down the toilet (e.g., children’s toys).

In addition to repair, toilet replacement and installation can greatly contribute to water conservation, particularly if homeowners choose water-conserving toilets. Some common model types include:

  • Dual-Flush
  • Gravity-Assisted
  • Pressure-Assisted
  • Vacuum-Assisted

While each of these models differs in structure and cost, all of them achieve the same goal: allowing homeowners to conserve water in the long term.

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Step-by-Step Response To Unexpected Winter Weather

How To Repair Damage From Frozen Pipes

Winter storms are no laughing matter. Severe weather can wreak havoc on homes anywhere, and the costs of the damage can make the repair process miserable. A common issue with wintery weather is frozen pipes. Plumbers receive calls about the frozen messes left behind by winter storms regularly during the colder months of the year. 

But homeowners don’t always have to wait for a plumber to arrive to start fixing the problem. There are simple, basic protocols every homeowner should follow to address any wintery pipe problems.

Pipe Thawing Basics

If a pipe freezes, homeowners should call a plumber to address the situation fully. But, homeowners can do their part to find the frozen pipe and begin remedying the issue. 

  • Locate: The first step to assist the plumber will be to locate the suspicious pipe. Check for sinks that won’t turn on and frost or excessive condensation appearing on exposed pipes or walls. These are sure signs of a frozen pipe.
  • Prepare: First and foremost, turn off the water supply. The last thing anyone wants is a torrential wave of water pouring through a frozen pipe. Frozen pipes will need an outlet for the water as it begins to thaw. Homeowners should ensure the faucet to the corresponding sink or shower is turned on, regardless of if the water is coming out.
  • Thawing Techniques: Once the pipes and faucets are prepped, thawing can commence. There are a couple of tools that one can find in the home to use for thawing. Homeowners can try placing a space heater near the frozen pipe or place heated towels on the exposed areas of the pipe. Dedicated DIYers can set up shop by the pipe with a hairdryer to get at the frozen water, too. 
  • Thawing Don’ts: Thawing pipes can take time. It is not unheard of for the process to take an entire day. One should NEVER use an open flame to try and melt a frozen pipe. Open flames can damage pipes and set fire to homes. 

Burst Pipe Response Basics

When a frozen pipe hasn’t been caught in time, it will often burst. The result is an expensive and sometimes long repair process. Homeowners can lower the damage costs by following these steps.

  • Shut Off Water: The second a burst pipe is suspected, homeowners should shut off the water supply in the home. This will prevent any excessive flooding in the home.
  • Call a Plumber: Homeowners should contact an emergency plumber the moment the pipe bursts. Burst pipes can introduce sewage and hazardous materials into a home along with water, and plumbers are trained to handle those situations. 
  • Clean & Clear the Room: If water has started flooding a room, one should clean up as much as possible with sponges and towels to prevent water damage. They should also clear out any furniture, decorations, or belongings to assist the plumber and provide ample workspace. 

Professional plumbers should always take care of the repairs of a burst pipe. No one should try to fix the issue with a DIY solution, which can just make things worse.

Tips To Avoid Frozen Pipesletters

Homeowners can take some steps to prevent frozen pipes and pipe bursts. 

  • Trickle Water: Running a trickle of water through the pipes 24/7 may seem excessive, but it is one surefire way to prevent frozen pipes. A tiny trickle is enough to keep water from staying stagnant in pipes.
  • Insulate Exposed Pipes: Exposed pipes are more likely to freeze than those in walls surrounded by insulation. Exposed pipes can be insulated using foam pipe insulation. The insulation can be bought at a local hardware store. 
  • Leave the Heat On: Homeowners shouldn't let their thermostat drop below 55 degrees during the winter months, even if the home is vacant for a vacation or trip. Lower indoor temperatures are more prone to freezing and burst pipes. 

Following these simple steps can help solve frozen and burst pipe issues and prevent them from happening in the future.

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Plumbing in the White House

Fun Facts About Plumbing in America’s Most Famous House

It’s hard to imagine that the nation's highest office didn’t always have the most up-to-date amenities. But, for a large part of our nation’s history, the residence of the First Family has been slow to be updated to accommodate modern utilities and building codes. Indeed, for the first half of the White House’s life, amenities like electricity, telephones, and indoor plumbing didn’t even exist. 

This President’s Day, homeowners should take a moment to learn more about the updates the White House has gotten over the last three centuries.

The White House Gets Running Water

Construction of the White House was completed in 1800, and the nation’s second president, John Adams, moved in. At the time, indoor running water wasn’t even in existence. Water was drawn from wells and distributed by carrying it in buckets. The first running water at the White House was installed under John Quincy Adams, who had a pump to irrigate his gardens. 

Andrew Jackson built upon the irrigation infrastructure to have running water put in the White House. It was mainly for drinking water only. Within a year, Jackson built a bathing room on the East Wing ground floor because he couldn’t pump water any higher than that. The bathing room was rudimentary, and water was still heated over fires. 

Franklin Pierce had bathrooms built in 1853 that were much close to modern equivalents. They had hot and cold water that didn’t have to be carried in, and facilities were expanded to include tubs on the second floor. 

The First Flush Toilets

Plumbing always comes before flush toilets because it serves to get rid of sewage. Larger infrastructure must be in place to allow waste and drainage to go to. That’s why flush toilets weren’t installed until under Millard Fillmore in 1853, just before Franklin Pierce’s bathing room renovation. 


Until then, presidents handled their business in privies on the White House grounds and chamber pots. There even exists a bill from the Madison administration for the requisition of a mahogany “close stool.”

More Fun Historyletters

There is a storied history about bathtubs in the White House. The most notable legend comes from rumors that President William H. Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub. However, this story may not be true. While Taft was a huge man - six feet tall and weighing in at 350 pounds - the stories about him getting stuck in the tub didn’t circulate until 20 years after his presidency. 

Unfortunately for Taft, to add fuel to the fires of the rumor, he ordered the purchase of one of the largest bathtubs in existence at the time. The giant custom tub was 7 feet long and nearly 4 feet wide. Pictures of the tub show four grown men comfortably sitting in it during installation. 

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