Improving Efficiency Through Water Heater Draining


Draining your San Antonio, TX hot water heater is just as important as changing oil in your car or keeping the correct air pressure in your tires. Properly maintaining your hot water heater can prevent many problems in the future.

San Antonio, TX water-heater-servicesWhy is draining the water so important?

Regardless of where you live, your water has minerals in it, including calcium carbonate. The mineral content in water will vary from one place to another, and the concentration level varies as well. As the water enters the hot water heater, the heat causes the minerals to precipitate out from the water, causing the sediment to settle in the bottom of the tank. This settling builds up over time and causes serious problems.

How does sediment buildup affect the heater?

Sediment that accumulates in the bottom of the tank affects heat transfer by slowing it down and causing overheating in the bottom of the tank. Overheating weakens the steel and damages the glass lining in gas heaters, and the accumulation of sediment can cover the element in electric heaters. The sediment can also cause the drain valves to clog. By draining your hot water heater, you can extend its life.

How does flushing save money?

There are two ways in which you can save money by regularly draining your hot water heater. By removing sediment and mineral build up, you do not have to replace the heater as often. Secondly, mineral buildup prevents your heater from operating efficiently on a daily basis by taking longer to heat the water and using more energy.

What can you do?

You could flush the hot water heater yourself, but there are several things to consider before tackling the job. Gas or electric heaters have unique safety issues, and you may want to call a professional who knows how to handle these issues correctly. Also, a professional can properly drain the water to prevent flooding or hot water injuries. Lastly, if sediment buildup has caused damage to the heater, a San Antonio professional can repair any possible damage or quickly install a new heater if needed.

You take the time and the expense to keep your car is tip top condition. Properly maintaining your hot water heater is just as important to keep your heater working at peak efficiency save money.

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