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Don't let a leaking faucet cost you in high water bills. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a faucet with low or unpredictable water pressure or a new sink that you are looking to install, A&A Plumbing has you covered for all of your faucet, fixture and sink needs.

Sink Replacements Made Easy

Homeowners decide to replace their sinks for a whole multitude of reasons. It could be for aesthetic purposes such as a renovation or upgrade, or due to having leaky seals or broken drain baskets. When the time comes to replace your sink, the experts at A&A Plumbing have all the bases covered with their vast knowledge and thorough work ethic.

Updating your sink to something more modern can easily increase the value of your home and also boost the visual appeal of your kitchen. Making sure that everything is properly sealed will prevent water damage from occurring and will lessen the chances of needing future work done due to improperly sealed flanges.

When to Replace that Dripping Faucet

If your faucet is dripping or leaking, it may be time to replace it. You can replace your faucet without having to replace the entire sink. This job is usually done when the faucet is malfunctioning or leaking. A regular leaking faucet can cause water damage that could lead to more expensive repairs required. If your faucet is also exhibiting sporadic changes in water pressure, the issue may not be in the pipes, but simply in the faucet itself.

Our experts are trained in determining the cause of your plumbing problem and taking you through the most effective repairs possible.

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How to Maintain a Faucet

Much like the other plumbing in your home, a faucet that is regularly checked on and maintained will require less repairs in the long run. By checking the following spots in your faucet you can help keep it in tip top shape:

  • Check the O-rings: These plastic discs make sure the screws in your faucet are held in place. A faulty O-ring is the number one cause of leaks.
  • Valve seals: connecting the spout to the faucet, built-up sediment from your water can cause blockages and leaks to your faucet.
  • Make sure the washers are not worn out: Over time they will wear and tear and may need more replacing than other parts of the faucet.

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